Goran Edman/Yngwie

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A very interesting and entertaining read...... particularly the 'godgiven' melodies bit lol!


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  • Yeah this was fun to read.

    Also I think it's kinda funny that the guy says "Yngwie is not the man you think," and then every story he tells about him sounds exactly like what you'd expect based on Yngwie's reputation.
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  • Amusing read. I have heard from different sources Yngwie was quite a madman in that period, after the original Rising Force imploded. Poor Goran must have taken the blunt of that. Sounds like a cool guy, actually, shame he got to work with Yngwie when fans basically stopped caring for him.
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    other than the 'Inspiration' album several years later...'Eclipse' was the last Malmsteen album I bought when it came out for a long time. I thought that was a very good consistent album and Edman did a good job on that one. Up to that point I bought every Yngwie release when it came out. Very good interview.
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    Cool interview!

    Göran is a really talented singer and Eclipse is a really good album. As stated above, probably the last really good one from Yngwie.
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    Interesting. It confirms pretty much everything written about that era in the "unofficial" bio. Although he seems to have become a bit more relaxed about Yngwie since it was written. 

    I really liked Eclipse, and parts of Fire & Ice, but the revolving door of vocalists killed any momentum his career may have had. 
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