Def Leppard inducted into the RnR Hall of Fame...

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Vivian Campbell gets in with them.

Don’t really care about the Hall but I’m kinda scratching my head on this one. Not really sure how he contributed to High n Dry, Pyromania or Hysteria...
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    Nothing against classic Viv (which he ain't in DL) but that's asinine. That's like saying Adam Levine gets in with Queen.
    I don't really have an issue with DL making it (a billion albums sold or whatever), but the Zombies??? To my recollection had THREE HITS. That puts them in a HOF? Really??

    The fucking RnR HOF who are maybe a pubic hair less douchey than the Grammys are reaching the same we're-too-watered-down point that we reached here at DRG.  At a certain point, for the ceremony to continue, EVERYONE who qualifies has to get in -- regardless of merit against the standard.  

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           I think of The Zombies as a very special band because of all that came from them. Their album "Odyssey and Oracle", recorded at Abbey Road Studio's around the same time as "Sgt. Peppers", was part of the foundation of '60s Psychedelic music. Along with Sgt. Peppers and The Jimi Hendrix Experience's Axis : Bold as Love psychedelic  became a true musical form.
           The Zombies also introduced Rod Argent whose follow up band , "Argent" recorded "Hold Your Head Up" and "Tragedy" along with a few other songs written by Argent's lead vocalist Russ Ballard including Three Dog Night's "Liar", a tune titled "Since You've Been Gone" recorded by both "Head East: and "Rainbow" and Kiss's "God Gave Rock & Roll to You II". I know it won't mean much here but The Zombies "Odyssey and Oracle" was also ranked at 100 on "Rolling Stones" top 500 album's of all time.

    "The Zombies" were to psychedelic music what "The Yardbirds" were to blues rock. Part of a foundation. A starting point.
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    Oh. On the original subject ...... considering the rap and tech artists already inducted, Def Leppard is a step in the right direction. They weren't one of my favorite '80s bands but my kids loved them and Phil Collin's signature Jackson guitar is probably, in my opinion, the best production "sustainer" guitar ever offered.

    And ............ I have no idea why Viv would even be part of this. Maybe they needed to include him ..... no ..... nope. I just don't see it.
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    I like that Pete Willis will be recognized. I wonder if he will show up for the ceremony. 
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    I think that Pete Willis should be inducted with them because he contributed to their best and most classic albums. He co-wrote and played on all three albums. 

    I know this is going to come across as me being a Vivian Campbell fanboy....but it really isn't because I really am not familiar with the Def Leppard albums he is on and don't care about them. However I think he deserves to be inducted with them because he has been in the band since the early 90's. Def Leppard(while maybe not as popular as the Hysteria era) have remained popular internationally since then and have still remained relatively successful everywhere. I don't think that is the same as Adam Lambert in Queen. Vivian has put in the time....over 25 years I think it would actually be weird to exclude him. Let's face it....Def Leppard is probably not going in based on the strength of the first 4 albums. They should.....but the RnR Hall of Fame doesn't get it. They probably love Slang and Songs from The Sparkle Lounge....that's how clueless they are...
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    The Rock Hall is all about tourism money, period. Put a super-popular artist in the Hall? More people trot their butts up to Cleveland with their wallets open. Sure, the museum in Cleveland and a Hall induction are two different things, but the fans don't see it that way.
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  • all i have to say about this is:  GODDAMN I LOVE STEVE CLARK!
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    I think Mark's point about Viv having been there 25 years, and being awkward to exclude him makes sense -- especially if they're gonna PLAY that evening.  Steve Morse certainly got inducted along with DP.   These are logistical realities. 

    Rick, you mention one Zombies album, and cite is as being important to the genre. If I grant you that, are you suggesting that one important album is now enough to get into a HOF? (Where it was recorded and who was in the band shouldn't really factor into it. Rod Argent was more prolific without them).

    There were actually two Zombies albums in the 60s. One in 1965, and one in 1968.  Their next one was in 1991. Bit of a layoff.  I know them as a singles band with a grand total of two hits (Time of the Season, She's not There). 

    I was going to suggest that they aren't even Procol Harum, (who launched the career of Robin -- NOT in the HOF --Trower -- 22 studio albums and still touring at age 73. But I noticed that the SONG Whiter Shade of Pale got inducted into the HOF in the recently created "Singles" category.  Maybe that's what they're doing for one of the Zombie's hits? (I have no clue).  If not, they've lowered the bar to Two albums and Two hits.  As I say, everyone who qualifies on years will get in eventually. They'll have to if they want to keep the farce going, and, as Chris rightly points out, the tourist dollars coming.

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    No. If this were a true "Rock" hall of fame I believe there would be far fewer inductees, the rock format being the one used to gain their fame and a much higher bar being based on more than income, tourism, business sense, etc. It should be a collective of the best of the genre based as much on talent as popularity, actual quality and amount of music created as dollars earned and historical significance as insider favors.
    The fame garnered through membership in any hall of fame is proportional to the requirements for membership and the number of members within the hall. The more members inducted decreases the exclusivity of the 'best separated from the rest' purpose of the halls existence. 
    Including this years inductees the Hall will have over 300 member. Not very exclusive by my way of looking at it. This page puts the number at 330. inductees 
    I went through all 14 pages and only found 51 I thought should be included in the Hall and found the absence of maybe a dozen right off the top of my head that I would have included. 51 + 12 means my own version of the hall would have a total of 63 inductees at the close of the 2019 induction. Rocks been around for 60 + years. I guess I average about one member a year.
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    Frickin Steve Clark. He was such a bad ass in those early days. Man, I loved his playing back then 

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    I think RnRHoF exists so people like us can laugh at it and basically not take it seriously, period.
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    No, it exists primarily -- like all awards shows -- so that small-minded dickwads who love the art, but aren't lucky or talented enough to make a living from it, can set themselves up as "authorities" and preach out their asses about it in self-servingly dickish ways, for the glorification of their own egos  -- while largely ignoring public opinion and in some cases, sales figures. 
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    I'm biased. 
    Def Leppard was one of the first rock bands I got into in the early 80's, and I wore out Pyromania. 
    I still play Photograph, Rock of Ages, Foolin', Billy's Got a Gun and Too Late For Love regularly. 

    Plus Rick Savage is a friend - sort of (our sons play football together, and our other sons have gigged together, and we chat when he's around). 

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    all i have to say about this is:  GODDAMN I LOVE STEVE CLARK!
    He was good on the first album and 'Pyromania'.....I think on 'High and Dry' Pete Willis steals the show. 
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    These awards don't matter at all. Like a Rolling Stones Best Guitarist award.
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