Viv and his 10 lb signature LP -- in LiL, sounding very average



  • Sirion said:
    Speaking of his Les Paul signature, Kramer just posted the following sneak shot ahead of NAMM:

    That is not the standard Kramer headstock, but I have seen it on exactly one model before. Kramer is owned by Gibson now; are they and Viv FINALLY bringing back the Nightswan?

    That would be cool! Wouldn't hold me breath though - did they ever do a Nightswan with maple? The dots doesn't match the original either. With that said, they might be changing it up a little for the sake of modernity ;)
    I've never played one (almost bought one online way back though) but was always intrigued. I thought the middle p'up thing seemed great in theory as I usually think the neck is a bit dark... No idea if it would work out for me. Lots of people claim it gets in the way of the picking.

    Doesn't Buddy Blaze still produce these but they say 'Blaze' on the headstock?
    I own a black one with blue polka dots. I have a Japanese one which differs from the US one slightly. Gibson scale length on a super strat. 

    Unfortunately mine has neck issues which means it’s unplayable at the moment. New Years resolutions is to take it to a tech to get it looked over. 
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