New Old Song - Rule 17, In the Wake of Fear

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Hey all, 

I'm working on getting mixes completed of my old band's album as I complete vocals, and I'm greatly appreciative of anybody willing to take a listen through their speakers, headphones, earbuds, whatever and point out any problems they hear. 

Thanks! the Wake of Fear101218.mp3?dl=0


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    Arrangement wise, I really like most of it.  I don't know what's possible at this stage of the process, but I hear a couple of places I would make some suggestions to tighten things up a bit:

    At 3:07 a riff comes in that leads up to the solo at 3:21, but IMO, it doesn't do a great job of building up the tension there.  Ironically, there's a part at 4:18 - 4:34 that I think actually would build that tension.  Is it possible to copy and paste that part before the solo as well? As for the solo, the first part is great, but it feels (TO ME) like it wants to end naturally at 3:50. The solo from the beginning to 3:50 is very satisfying and feels like a complete idea/statement.  The second part between 3:50 to 4:18 doesn't add as much (IMO). I'd consider removing that second half of the solo section. I.e. cut the chunk between 3:50 to 4:18 and go straight from that first solo back into the part that starts at 4:18.

    So it would end up looking like this:

    The 4:18 riff
    A shorter solo - the one that goes from 3:21 - 3:50
    The 4:18 riff again, and into your ending. (Make it maybe a 1/2 db louder the second time).

    But even if copying the 4:18 part to before the solo doesn't work, I'd still recommend cutting out the second solo half from 3:50 to 4:18. 

    As for the mix
    In the quiet intro, the bass sounds great, but seems a little loud in relation to the harmonics on the left and the effected vocals.  Given that the song gets loud soon after, I'd bring up the harmonics and the vocals a db and see how that sounds. And once the song DOES get loud, I think you need to bring the vocals up there a bit too. People who don't love their own voices often try to bury them in the mix or in effects -- subconsciously or not (John Lennon was famous for doing that), but any A&R guy would tell you: you have to be able to hear the lyrics

    I think I'd also do a quicker fade out after that last note at 5:04. I'd end it by 5:10 rather than 5:17.

    Otherwise, this sounds really good to me.  There's nothing major to address here.  Your drums, bass, and guitar all sound good and balanced.  You might be able to tweak a bit more oomph out of the kick via parallel compression or something, but that's nit-picking.

    Good job.

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    Thanks, Dave! 

    The arrangement's pretty well set in stone on this stuff, since it's "by committee". The mix tips help a ton, especially with vocals as you pointed out, which I'm the least comfortable mixing and always feel that they're either buried or stomping over everything else. On this, I'm experimenting with running two vocal tracks at the same level, panned about 9 and 3 and seeing how that blend works. 

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