Judas Priest/Deep Purple, Sept 29, 2018, Mountain View, CA

I wasn't aching to go to this show because the last 2 Priest records aren't my favorites. I've never really been into Deep Purple (just never bothered to listen to everything) but I do like Machine Head and Perfect Strangers. Plus, the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View usually sucks for sound. Sometimes they get it right (like when I saw Van Halen on the last tour...at the time it was the best sounding concert I've ever been to) and usually they get it wrong (I walked out on a Slayer show after 3 songs because the sound was a solid rumble; the guitars were somewhere in the mix, somewhere I couldn't hear them).

The opening band was a Black Crowes style ripoff. Pass. I don't want to see or hear the Black Crowes and I don't want to experience anyone pretending to be them.

Priest comes on. This is clearly the Ritchie Faulkner show. Andy Sneap looks a bit uncomfortable in all the leather. Halford...hmm...baggy silver pants and stuff. Kinda odd and not metal. But they sounded insanely good. The guitars were super crisp and defined. Everything just sounded great. Halford got a bit Grover-ish at times...but C'mon...you sing that shit at his age. Faulkner played most of the solos and nailed them. He's damn good. Sneap played the Electric Eye solos and did a great job. They played a good mix of songs: Delivering the Goods, Sinner, Painkiller, Electric Eye, some new songs, and of course Breaking the Law (unnecessary at this point but oh well). The only criticism I have is that their motion graphics on their large display were really really bad. Super amateur.

Ok here comes Deep Purple. I didn't know what to expect. Can Gillian still sing? Steve Morse? Steve Morse??? WHO HIRED STEVE MORESE cried the Interwebs. Spoiler alert: I've never heard him play before this show. And Richie Blackmore...he's more of an Adventure Time character than guitarist these days. Like I said earlier, I have no attachment to the band except for some songs I really like. I haven't heard 98% of their catalog. And they were freaking awesome. Gillian can still sing. Morse played his ass off. He's got a great vibrato. I have no issues with this guy and I want to hear more. I'm pretty sure Petrucci was influenced by him; at times I swear it was Petrucci playing (sorry haters, I love his playing). I'd say Morse sounds like Petrucci with the Berserker Mode slider slid down to 78%.

And Don Airey on keyboards. Complete with a full on Star Wars theme solo. Priest sounded awesome. Purple sounded even better.

I think the tour is over but I'm glad I saw them and that I finally got to hear Morse.


  • Oh yes. I wish I could see this tour, but wrong country, I am afraid... Purple are playing here next month but I really wanted to see Priest. It's not like I can afford the ticket these days anyway...

    Yeah, Faulkner is excellent and Halford is sounding better these days than he has in years. Saw them last tour but the new album is a big favorite of mine. Hopefully I'll still get a chance, you never know.

    I have seen Purple twice. Both times with Morse and Airey, and it was totally worth it, even if I remain forever in love with the Blackmore/Lord output. But from a technical standpoint, Morse is a beast and a must see. Yeah, Petrucci has gone on record calling Morse his all time favorite player, so your conclusions are correct. There are more than coincidental similarities in their playing.

    Glad you enjoyed the show. I am quite jealous.
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    I'm most likely seeing Priest in December first week in Singapore (with ughhh.. Baby Metal opening,) or in Jakarta. Undecided on where but it's happening around a vacation. I've seen Purple thrice and they were incredible every time - but I have seen clips where they were absolutely terrible too.
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    Baby Metal. No. No. No.
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    Will do FB live for you obviously.
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    Snapchat with dog ears yassssss girl
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    The girls in Baby Metal must be at least 20 years old now... 
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    If Pale Pink played my backyard, I'd be out for the day.
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    Richie Faulkner Show \m/

    Highlight for me as well, as expected (although sommmeone sounded a little out-of-time-picky on the intro to Electric Eye. There is no true escape... I'm listening all the time). I went into the show to enjoy the guitar playing and I did exactly that. Setlist was solid but no Victim of Changes, Beyond the Realms of Death, the Sentinel.. (just some personal faves, can't please everyone). The poppier "classics" had everyone dancin'. I was dancin' \m/

    In my opinion Priest's 2 newest albums are the best they've put out, although I do prefer to view the current lineup as an almost different animal entirely. Rob still sounds killer in the studio but I wasn't expecting much live. Even on that 2005 Angel of Retribution DVD he seemed to struggle, huddling over the mic. He was defs huddling but sounded good. He let the crowd sing a lot of the encore song parts. I may never get to see Glenn Tipton play the goosebump inducing solos to Electric Eye or Freewheel Burnin' or Reckless live.. Andy Sneap, well, it's not the same. Stage presence needs some work. Chops need some work. If he's to remain a member of the band.

    I only ever really listened to Deep Purple for Blackmore, so I'm guilty as well of not knowing any of the Steve Morse era tracks. I know he is a great technician and would be musically interesting at the very least. I like Ian Gillan but it's not like I was expecting him to bust out Child In Time :p Don Airey was great.

    One thing with Morse: Smoke on the Water calls for a single coil in the bridge position. Just out of respect for the first riff I ever learned on guitar :p It doesn't sound right with a humbucker or thicker higher gain tone. 1 man's complaint.

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    I saw Priest with KK and Tipton but Halford was already struggling. Now Deep Purple: I don't deny Morse is a great player but you can only be disappointed if Made In Japan has been overplayed in your house. Just not the same band/style, and he totally butchered "Smoke on the water" for me. 
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