Alice Cooper at The Beacon photos - Sept 6, 2018

I had not seen Alice since the Billion Dollar Babies tour in 1973, 45 years! I had not been following him much either so a lot of the
material he played was foreign to me. For a guy that's 70 years old I think he still delivers the goods. Well put together show. I enjoyed it all but of course the old stuff was great to hear, especially Halo of Flies. Not sure why he has 3 guitar players though. Two would have sufficed. It was a 90 minute set and I'd recommend Alice to those that may not have seen him yet. 


  • I saw him in 2011, definitely one of the best shows I've ever been to. Super entertaining, great setlist, perfectly performed. There were 3 guitar players too: Steve Hunter, Orianthi and Tommy Henriksen.  I take Nita Strauss over Orianthi any day, btw.  In any case, I'd love to see Alice again but he's not often touring around these parts. 
  • Ditto on Alice putting on a great show!  Saw him when he was touring with Iron Maiden a few years ago.  Maiden was the reason I bought my ticket but I was impressed with the show that Alice Cooper puts on.  Orianthi was one of the guitarists, but I wasn't familiar with the others.
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