My Band's (Desert Road) first gig in NYC



  • I feel I always upped my own game the most when I've played with guys much better than myself. It sort of forces you to work really hard to keep up and it pays off big time.
    THIS ^^
    I threw me guitar out. Why bother? Why bother? Use it as a coffee table. Because I can't play it like that. 
    -- David St. Hubbins.
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    You're in the wrong band Marvin.

    I'm not going down ... no that's not right ..... I'm not going to trash the bass player because I really couldn't hear him that well. He seemed to be getting in to his role and not doing a bad job of it. I really think if he was given better material to work with and was allowed more room in the mix he could be much better than this video would lead one to believe.

    Your playing was really cool .... again .... considering the material you're working with. You seldom see a band member have to work so hard to "rein it in" for the good of the rest of the bands image. You did well.

    If your frontman / singer is also the songwriter ....... well .... 75% of the problem has just been addressed. His voice is passable and that's being nice about it. His guitar playing, like the bass players, didn't come out well in the mix. I can't rate it if I can't hear it. If he's responsible for the material, (consider that I've been writing music for over 55 years), shoot him before the reviews come in. You would be giving him a blessing.

    Your drummer is just phoning it in. He doesn't seem to even be trying. The way he's dressed, slouching behind his rig and appearing to just be dicking around until the beer shows up would have pissed me off had I been in your shoes. Your personal quality doesn't belong in the same venue much less on the same stage as this "drummer".

    I don't know the relationship between the four of you. If you're all close friends, (friendship is extremely important to me), I'd do whatever I could to ratchet up the bass players role, inform the drummer that slouch rock has no money in it and start considering ways to approach your frontman about trying out some songs you've come up with. If you haven't written any songs just start from scratch. Believe me. You'll at least equal his current output and, who knows, you may find you've got another talent to contribute.

    I thought your playing was more than equal to the material presented. As I said earlier .... I really think you were "reining it in" for the good of the band.

    Your instrument is stunning. I went back a second time to watch the video because your guitar keep pulling me away from my purpose for being there. Be proud of that beautiful axe.

    I also noted your pedalboard and wondered what you've got on board.

    If no friendship is involved in this bands "make up" and it's just "business" .......  well ..... your talents would be better served with others of equal talent.

    Improvements if you choose to remain .....

    Better Material.
    Better Drummer.
    Better Vocals.


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    Pontus/Rick - thanks for the feedback!  All of you guys' feedback has definitely made me think about things I wouldn't have thought of myself, so I very much appreciate it. 

    As for playing with other people that are better - i think that's a great point, especially in it being a useful way to grow as a musician and to push one's self to be a better musician/guitarist.  I'm definitely not against considering another group that would help me achieve that.  I know I have much to improve in my own abilities as a guitarist and musician in general.  At the moment though, this is all I have.  If another opportunity comes up with another group of musicians, I'd be interested for sure.  

    As for my pedalboard: I have a Phase 90 (Script Logo - which I love), an Ibanez Tubescreamer (it does the job, but looking to upgrade), a JHS Andy Timmons overdrive pedal (I don't use as much only because I'm still fiddling around with it), Xotic EP Booster (I really wanted that echoplex sound Dave had on one of his solos with the Feints - it doesn't nail it, but I find that the EP Booster does add a sprinkle of "something" that makes my amp's natural overdrive sound better to my ears.  I use it on a rather low setting to get that, so as not to color my amp's natural overdrive too much,) TC Flashback (I like delay every now and then, even if it's in front of the amp), a TC Hall of Fame (for the rare reverb need), a Vox Wah, and a footswitch for my Dual Terror.

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