Zakk Sabbath: 8/17/2018, The Ritz, San Jose

I found out about this on Facebook and immediately bought a ticket. The show sold out a few days before the actual performance and the venue was packed. It's a small club, the same place I saw John5 a few weeks ago.

A band named Toke opened up. A 3 piece, both guitarist and bassist playing V's. Super slow and doom. Every song sounded the same.

If you couldn't tell by the name, this is Zakk Sabbath playing Sabbath covers. Just Zakk, a bassist, and drummer. Zakk, looking resplendent in a purple kilt, played his signature Wylde Guitars SG's, mostly a purple/black bullseye model. They were loud, heavy, and thoroughly enjoyable. Zakk wanked a bit (c'mon, what did you expect?) and played all the old, good Sabbath songs. Not the ones that Ozzy plays over and over. Wicked World, Hand of Doom, Supernaut. His drummer had a 5 piece set and made it sound like a 500-piece set. The drum fills on Every Day Comes and Goes...damn!!!

The merch was super cool: Exorcist themed shirts. We Sold Our Soul bumper stickers. Signed posters. And the shirts were only $25!

I left the show during Hand of Doom because it was 9000 degrees in the club. Um, air conditioning, please?

Setlist here:

Overall, an awesome show.


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