Rock Fingerpicking

Does anyone know of any solid resources for learning fingerpicking in a rock style ie Beck, Kotzen.  I've been wanting to take some time and go beyond the basic strumming/arpeggiating style that I've been using for ages.  There are some really good newer players that absolutely rip it up fingerstyle on electric but I've yet to see any solid instructional material for how to build chops in this style.  Any recommendations?


  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 18,283
    The late Mike Casswell did a series of Jeff Beck stuff for Lick Library. 

    There's some stuff on YouTube, but he has a full DVD on it if you want to purchase it.
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  • MelodicGritMelodicGrit Posts: 669
    Thanks Dave, I'd seen this in passing a few years ago but had forgotten about it.  I'll have another look.  
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