Article gives a look inside Jimmy Page's Tower House

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    Can't stand RW especially as he's a local(ish) hero to many coming from Stoke in the north of my county and we still have to put up with 'local boy done good' crap even 25 years on. Brian May was also suffering from a similar problem in his London property a year or two ago with regular updates on his blog, eventually he conceded that he wasn't gonna win and resigned himself to moving out of the capital. 
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    Wonderful place. Interesting and extravagant in a good way.  
    As for Robbie Williams, too bad Peter Grant and his baseball bat are no longer here, the twit could learn a thing or two... 
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    Yeah, Peter Grant would have had this sorted in about 2 minutes.  =)

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    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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    I don't share Jimmy Page's taste in house style and I would hate to live in that thing. Now if we're talking about his 27yo girlfriend... :p

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  • That's quite a place.  Can't believe he has to re-live the nightmare fighting that crap.  
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    Excellent article. The house is exactly the kind of place I would expect Jimmy to call home. I assume the tower provides the stairway to heaven. Is their a stairway to a sub basement sporting an Aleister Crowley room?
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    "Of COURSE he'd have a 27 year old gf".

           In November it'll be 36 years since Led Zeps last studio album was released.

           In 1991, (the aprox. year of birth of a current 27 year old), the top five New Rock Music artists, (according to Digital Dream Door), were ....

     1. Pearl Jam
      2. Spin Doctors
      3. Boyz II Men
      4. Color Me Badd
      5. Cypress Hill

           In 2005, (14 years of age has been recognized as an age of maximum musical influence), a current 27 year old would have been 14 years old.  Digital Dream Door lists the top five New Rock Artists as.....

      1. Chris Brown
      2. Rhianna
      3. Panic! At The Disco
      4. Bobby Valentino
      5. Pretty Ricky

           Jimmy's 74 years old. Would it be fair to a 27 year old "Knock Out", (I'm just assuming), to have to prime the pump for hours on end just to enjoy the dribbles left over from the hundreds that came before? Considering prenups, etc. whats in it for her?

           A man of Jimmy's age and stature deserves an expert for his fading needs. I'm thinking 35 to 55 years of age.

           I'm also thinking Dave might want to join you on your trips to Great Britain. You know .... just to help you carry your bags and point to famous sites, etc.

    How'd I do Dave?

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    27 is younger than my brother in law’s girlfriend, and they are basically kids compared to me. Jimmy, on the other hand is older than my father would be if he was still alive. I can’t even begin to imagine what they could possibly talk about...
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    You all know I'm not a big Led Zep fan, but I certainly don't wish him any ill - it's Pagey, he's a national treasure!
    That being said, I'm still surprised that he managed to avoid the whole Child Abuse witch hunt of a few years ago.

    For those who don't know - After a couple of very unpleasant "TV personalities" were busted for abusing kids, the British media went absolutely batshit and started "investigating" just about every celebrity who had been an active young man in the '70s.
    Pagey, with the whole "keeping a teenaged girl locked up in his castle while smacked out of his mind and obsessed with Crowley" thing, was exactly what they were looking for.
    I imagine ol' Bill Wyman had his lawyers on speed-dial around that time too...
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    Apparently Robbie Williams is now resorting to blasting Sabbath, Purple and Pink Floyd in order to piss off Page:
  • Except Jimmy like those bands.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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    Except Jimmy like those bands.
    Better you play Take That!
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