This has probably come up, but tonight when I was practicing.

I realized, I'm as good as I have ever been.  As good as I can be.  But you know what?  I have been "as good as I can be" a lot of times, and the more I play, the definition of "as good as I can be" changes.  "As good as I can be" is the goal, but with it, through time, you will get to "as good as I'm ever going to be."  Now that there is the real goal.  But I'm pretty happy with as good as I can be.  Will I be better?  Probably, and that will be the new "as good as I can be."

By the grace of God, my last day on earth, I'll be as good as I'm ever going to be.  That would really be something.


  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,872
    The older I get, and the more proficient I become on my instrument, the more superfluous the concepts of "better", "good" or even just "fast" feels to me.
    After I, many years ago, had a debilitating aneurysm, and I started playing guitar afterwards, partly because that's what I do, what makes me happy, and partly because playing an instrument is possibly the best ergotherapy you can do, I knew, and know, I'll never be as fast, as dexterous and, yes, impressive, as I once was.
    But years of practicing and relearning have brought me to a place where I'm happy with my playing.
    And that's the only yardstick that makes sense to me after a close encounter with the grim reaper (not the band); "does doing this makes  you, 
    YOU, yourself, happy ?".
    And as I sit here, 55 years old, fat and pantsless because it's a rather hot spring/summer here in copenhagen, with my laptop in front of me, my red Strandberg around my neck and plugged into a yamaha thr10x and my cats sleeping beside me on the couch, a glass of good pastiis and icewater on the table, I can say, yeah, this makes me happy, right here, right now.
    And that's the most I'll ever expect from my playing the guitar. 
    It's enough, and truly wonderful, to me.
    just my 2 c's
  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 17,486
    I was as good "as I was ever gonna be" with FEINTS. Then I took some lessons and got better.  You've hit a plateau. Enjoy it, or push on to something further. 
    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
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    I keep telling myself I'll get better.. But the honest fact of the matter is I was as good as I was going to be during my first two efforts. Age, does indeed bring restrictions. :s  That being said.. The Attic is putting out a lil ditty we call "Blackmore Road" tomorrow.. It's different

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  • bourbonsamuraibourbonsamurai Posts: 1,488
    I was as good "as I was ever gonna be" with FEINTS. Then I took some lessons and got better.  You've hit a plateau. Enjoy it, or push on to something further. 
    plateaus can be fun if you’re working.  you can’t simply shed, shed, shed all the damn time.  enjoy what you’ve got while you have it!
  • eduardoritoseduardoritos Posts: 3,444
    Whe're evergrowing people.
    Myself, I enjoy playing more than ever. I make every note count, and my tone is what I'd searched for years.

    I have a beautyfull songlist ready to play, even with two of my songs, with some Schenker, Vai, Satch, Robben Ford, Gilbert... Maybe, I'll say somebody "do you want me to play your bar?".

    That's our bless and our sentence at the same time; never stop, never end, always something better and new.
  • TravisWTravisW Posts: 976
    I tend to alternate between really liking what I'm doing, being bored to tears with what I'm doing and working up a bunch of new ideas, then saying those ideas are half crap, dumping them, and going back to what I had been doing and liking it. 

    Somehow, through the course of that cycle, I actually develop as a player, and actually enjoy what I'm doing. 
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    and I'm not as good as I ever once was, or as good as one night could be, but I've never thought about it in a long long time."  --Garfield, "Private Affair"

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