yanni or laurel, and what it means.

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I dont know if you all have heard this audio clip that is making the rounds where the word being said is heard differs from person to person. And the difference between the two is so stark that one has to wonder If two people even hear music, or even the same lyrics at all in the same way as one another

if two people can listen to an identical waveform and hear two completely different things, one has to wonder just how subjective our personal day to day audio experiences really are.
An album may sound nothing to me what it sounds to you, and that is kinda blowing my mind more than the wav is.

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    I hear "Yanni", said by a computerized voice, but without the smallest resemblance to "Laurel".  
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    I hear "Yanni", said by a computerized voice, but without the smallest resemblance to "Laurel".  
    My experience is the direct opposite, all I hear is Laurel.
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    Osky said:
    I hear "Yanni", said by a computerized voice, but without the smallest resemblance to "Laurel".  
    My experience is the direct opposite, all I hear is Laurel.
    And with that being the case, I'm now convinced our perception of sound is wholly unique to each individual.

    Which means short of straight up inharmonism we dont experience and perceive tones in the same way as one another.

     Depending on the density and condition of low and high frequency scilia in your inner ear (a mostly age dependent factor), your experience of a series of tones can clearly vary immensly.

    So if I'm mixing and my mixing partner takes this test, and have differing results, should we or should we not be working together!
    Are we thickening things up, or thinning each other out!?
    This raises so many questions.

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    I just retried, with my 19 year-old son.   On laptop speakers, we both hear Yanni (or more precisely something that sounds between "Yelly" or "Yenny").   With a proper AKG headphone I still hear Yanni, but he hears Laurel.   WTF !!!??? 
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    All I hear is "Obey, Obey, Obey...."  B)

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    This is so fucked up, haha!

    On the regular speakers on my iMac I hear Laurel, on my HS7 I hear Yanni :lol: 
    At neither occassion is it possible to even guess something else is said... Gosh!

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    my daw is broken down, someone needs to import the audio and show the waveform.
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    Learned about this yesterday, my wife was talking about this. We both hear Laurel, no doubt about it.

    Those folks are talking about people younger than 25 listening to it as Yanni, while older guys like me perceive it as Laurel.

    As a side note, when I was getting ready to watch the video above I was about to sit (watching on my Mac), and i heard Yanni for a moment, then replayed it and it was Laurel again. Maybe the way my head was placed at that exact moment? this is so weird...
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    Any time the high frequencies are emphasized, I'll hear 'yanny" - like on the TV speakers or iPhone. On my laptop's minimal speakers, I hear 'laurel.'  But when I plug high quality earphones into the laptop, it's 'yanny' again at first, but with repeated listenings it becomes 'laurel' again. I believe that ears get fatigued easily with high frequencies. That's why we guitarists keep turning up our volume!
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    Apparently, I don't care enough to even listen to this in the slightest, yet for some strange reason I do care enough to let other people I know that I don't care....strange....LOL
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    On my headphones at work, I heard "Laurel". On my computer speakers, I heard "Yanni". 
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    suckers lol
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    Who died? Yanni or Laurel?
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    My wife found this one and she insisted I share it with DRG:

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    Well its sadly true, the majority of us are now scientifically proven to have shitty hearing. lol

    Hearing laurel means all those hours of standing in front of a wall of 4x12's and listening to close field drummers has come back to haunt us and our high frequency hearing is shot.

    Im personally kind of happy that my hearing has rounded off a bit, I was a super anal retentive tuner. Losing a little bit of hearing helps to curb that habit a bit! 

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