"Bohemian Rhapsody"



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    Just got round to seeing this and whilst I enjoyed it as a film, it left a sour taste.

    The whole film development leads the audience to a single point where the 'band break-up', Freddie gets Aids, then Live Aid comes and they have to relearn everything again at the rehearsals - and it just didn't happen.   

    They had just finished a world tour shortly before Live Aid and Freddie didn't discover he had Aids until 2 years after Live Aid.

    The little things like Freddie and Roger sharing a flat before the band met and Mary being Brians girlfriend and Jim being a hairdresser and not a barman and the fact that Brian and Roger had taken time out to do solo projects before freddie etc etc don't matter.

    But Freddies life was interesting enough without shoe-horning in a significant altered timeline like that.

    Also, you have to do a lot of searching around to find out who really did the film vocals.   Seems strange to try and hide it..

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    It´s worth seeing, that they piss all over facts like chronology, well that pissed me off, pretending that their breakthrough hit, Killer Queen, was on the second album and such, but coming home I still felt it was an OK movie. Watch it for story and actor performances, not for an introduction to Queen and their music.
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