John5 at the Ritz, San Jose, CA 4/12/2018

This was my first time seeing John5 as a solo artist; I previously saw him with either Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie at Ozzfest years ago.

I forget the name of the opening band. They were a bit of a mash up of Sabbath, 70's rock, and had a bit of a stoner vibe. And they were really good. I usually want the 70s to remain there but I enjoyed these guys.

John5's stage was filled with giant inflatable halloween castle grim reaper vampire pumpkin frankenstein props. His Marshall Mode 4 heads (yes, Mode 4, and they sounded great!) were sitting on top of structures that housed huge LCD screens that played a montage of 70's tv and movie clips: Godzilla, Charlie's Angels, Scooby-Doo, etc.

And he was fucking amazing.

Your band sucks. Your guitar playing sucks. Just stop now because you're not John5. Dude played slap guitar and a banjo. 

I hate Metallica's Enter Sandman. He covered it and played lead melody lines for the vocals. And it was awesome.

He played a song full of metal riffs: Hot For Teacher, 2 Minutes to Midnight, South of Heaven, Pantera, KISS, Nugent...all his heroes.

And he was super grateful to the crowd. And he played his ass off. And he sweep picked. And he did that Petrucci rapid fire picking. And and and and and...

So please everyone put away your instruments and give it up.

Oh and he drooled gooey stuff during one song.

And he had his face pulled off to reveal a skull underneath. And he closed with a cover of Beat It. That's your cue to stop playing.

Great show. I'd see him again and again. Now I need a Telecaster with humbuckers.
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