favorite non-dino solos



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    I always loved and still do The Walkers Brothers No regrets, bit like the carpenters stuff, a great guitar solo just bursts out of the song from nowhere, same as My Love by Wings, they hit you when you least expect, but mighty fine they are.

    They had some really cool stuff, I like what Scott Walker did later too (avante garde).
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    I'm a sucker for emotional solos

    Lindsey Buckingham's solo on I'm So Afraid is one of my all time favorites:

    This solo from the guitar player from Argentinian band, Autumn Moonlight:

    And Dave Flett's solo on Blinded By The Light by Manfred Mann's Earth Band:

    I think sometimes if you try to play too technically, you lose something in the music - like you're playing for another guitar player. I like to play for people. The more sophisticated and mature guitarists become, the more they go with the feel.

    - Ritchie Blackmore

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    Paul McCartney-Taxman
    McCartney, Harrison, Lennon-The End
    Hughie Thomasson, Billy Jones-Green Grass And High Tides
    Andy Summers-Bombs Away
    Mick Ronson-Moonage Daydream 
    Joe Walsh-Those Shoes, Victim Of Love, The Bomber
    David Gilmour-Another Brick in The Wall Pt.2
    Earl Slick-Men Without Shame

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    Some solos are just perfect for the song irrespective of difficulty, techniques or any other measure.

    For me - Easy by The Commodores is a prime example.

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    Everything from Pat Metheny.
    Sometimes I'm a minimalist.
    That song is the one comming to my head when thinking on Pat. The studio solo is perfect, but live is always a plus.

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    Snoogans said:
    Osky said:
    For a melodic one Snoogans beat me to it with Kate Bush but kind of in a similar 70s pop vein...

    For a WTF face melting one, this changed my life... goto 1:57 and 5:28 if you just want the solos

    and another great solo over a funk groove...

    That solo in Goodbye To Love is probably the most wonderful solo with the most teeth-gratingly awful fuzz tone in recorded history.
    And you nailed it with Reasons To be Cheerful. The Blockheads were a monster funk outfit. Those geezers could give Nile Rodgers and Co. a real run for their money!
    Adrian Belew – guitar
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    Neil Youngs solos on Zevons "sentimental hygiene"

    And I love the "Sic 'em, boy" solo (4:20) on Foetus' "Bedrock", to me it is just two Strats howling in feedback with some whammy manipulations, noisey but very effective in this lovely ode to a sociopath.

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    Most things from Brian Setzer.
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    shaggy said:
    Most things from Brian Setzer.
    ..or Vince Gill!
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    Lindsey Buckingham’s Big Love isn’t exactly a solo, but christ, what a mind fuck.  spellbinding virtuosity.
  • Dime in Cowboy's From Hell
    Lowell George in Dixie Chicken 
    Doc Watson in Salt Creek great fun to play too. 
    Blackfoot: Rickey Medlocke on Train Train
    Most recent: BLS, Zakk Wylde: The Only Words.  Damn tasty.
    "These riffs were built to last a lifetime." Keith Richards B)


    Squier Army
    Schecter Society

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    Forgot the mighty Ollie Halsall R.I.P. ... these two solos are my faves of his.... light years ahead of his time for 1971/2

    Give It All Away

    The Loud Green Song

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    "Don't Speak" - I love the acoustic solo in this song, but also all the guitars throughout.

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    Death Or Glory - Who Dares Wins!
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    Just 1 of my favorites.    Listen to the whole song (an acquired taste) or solo at 3:40

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