Mr. Big backing track, Light of Day

Only bass/drums


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    I'm planning one more Karaoke Fest with Eric Martin (fantastic singer on Mr.Big).
    Last time he was touring solo, we planned a surprise for him. In the after concert dinning, whe were making our little karaoke-no band show, and when he was starting his dinning, whe'd started playing/singin some Mr. Big's.

    Surprised also with the dinner, with a recipe named after him, he started having an unusual good mood (manager's said) and... he finished singing solo and with us (Colorado Bulldog, amazing is not recorded).

    Next october he will visit our city, and I'm preparing for that day, just in case!!

    My backing track is a cover of the Raw like Sushi live DVD, with Matt's drum solo, with Pat Torpey and Eric sharing vocals (heartbreaking seing him).

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    And now...
    Hope Eric would like to join us, because I'm working hard.

    Upload that to show you how nice is the Fishman Aura pedal.
    No mics on acoustics.
    Two guitars (6/12 strings), fours sounds (2 different presets each).

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