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one thing that was fun about jamming with Jeb last week was, he was able to dial up this cool punchy tone with a Boss delay and MXR Zakk OD.  it was just so juicy and chewy.  this was when i realized how important FEEL is with an OD or boost pedal.  one thing i don’t like is when a pedal sucks dynamics from the signal.  too much compression, and i’m out, ya know?  i’ve been using this EH Soul Food pedal a lot:   

it’s a Klon Centaur clone, of course, and it does do the overdrive thing quite well, but the best thing about it is the FEEL.  there’s a miniscule delay after the attack, then the sound just explodes from the amp.  very attractive, if you are a “touch” player, as i am.  if you shred, this is not a thing i think would be important.  if this $60 pedal sounds this good, i’m wondering how much better is a J Rockett Archer?  there’s a lot of hype regarding Klons and their clones, but this here is a bitchin’ little pedal.
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    I run a Soul Food into my Vox AC10 combo, and it gets heavy enough for Hell Bent for Leather-era Judas Priest. Definitely true about the feel and dynamics. Chords really bloom, and leads are thick and creamy. A compressor can tighten it up if needed, and a vintage-sounding wah before the Soul Food is my favorite tone combo.

    If you've seen my pedalboard in the other thread, you know I like the Electro Harmonix Nano pedals quite a lot. They're all pretty bang for buck!
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    check this Klone out!  very interesting:
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