40 years ago today...

both Priest’s Stained Class and Van Halen 1 were released!

There must have been something in the water I guess...


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    Two killer albums...
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    & 45 yrs ago today BÖC released one of my all time faves by them, the freaky Tyranny & Mutation!
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    55 yrs ago today, in 1963, The Beatles recorded their entire first album in less than 10 hours, including  "I Saw Her Standing There," "A Taste Of Honey," "Do You Want To Know A Secret"  and "Twist And Shout.".  John Lennon's cold makes the process take a bit longer than it should; by the time the band gets to the last song of the session, "Twist And Shout," the hoarseness in his voice is noticeable. Nevertheless, he nails it in one take.

    Exactly one year later, on Feb 11, 1964, they played their first US concert at the Washington Coliseum, in Washington, DC.

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