Well THAT was fun . . . NOT.

After much trouble and much work, we seem to be back -- and on a new webhost.   If you're ever looking for a webhost, AVOID Bluehost.  At one time, they were great, but in recent years, have gone from mediocre to terrible. 

The gory details . . .

After shutting us down back in October for a malware attack and forcing us to buy security for $100/month, we started looking into migrating the site. The straw that broke the back was this latest issue. They disabled the site without warning, and told me that we had "processes running on the site that were slowing down the server."  Which is silly, because we are a site of mostly static content, and always have been.  Further, we don't have access to the problem area they indicated, so we couldn't fix it even if we wanted to. And they had no interest in fixing it.  The level 1 support folks can't access it, and the level 2 support folks just point out the issue.  So it was: fuck these guys, already.

So we migrated the content, and spent the rest of the time trying to get the back end sorted out so when you try to access the site, it pointed to the content on the new host.  Typically this takes up to 2 days, but it took 2 days more because Bluehost still had us locked.  

We got the site back, a couple of hours ago, and the forum was still down.  Took another bit of work to get that back.

I still have to migrate our security protection, but that should be reasonably simple by comparison.

Welcome back, and keep your fingers crossed.
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