Marshall - Orange Amp/Cab Comparrison


Why not have BOTH? Worked for Jimmy.

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           It sounds to me like the Orange cab is playing the most important role in this comparison. No matter which head is used the Orange cab has a clearer and more defined tone. The Marshall cab sounds overly thick in the middle and rounded off at the top end.
           Of the two heads, noting that the settings may or may not be set up equally, I have a slight preference for the Orange head when used through the Orange cab. The Orange head through the Marshall cab sounded the worst of any of the combinations to my ears.
           I can see where using both could be better than using one or the other. The Orange for defined upper mids and highs with the Marshall thickening up the lower mids.
          None of the combinations seemed to offer the highly defined low end modern players seem to favor.

    Just my opinion.
  • watching this made me appreciate my own rig all the more.
  • I actually like all the combinations, and could easily work with any of them. It's no secret that vintage Orange 4x12s were deeper front-to-back, and thus weight more than Marshall cabs, so they sounded different. I think they also came with different speakers in them, stock. If one wanted a true test of what effect just the cab construction has, the way to do that would be to have the exact same model, brand new speakers in both cabs. But that's impractical to test.

    I remember hearing way back in the late 70s -- and it was more allegorical than serious -- that Marshall heads sound better through Orange cabs, and Orange heads sound better through Marshall cabs.  But when guys said that, it felt more like guitarists bitching about the state of affairs than a serious, stake-in-the-ground position about tone.

    Certainly there were never enough guys running rigs that way to be definitive, or for it to catch on.  Other than Page on stage, I think I saw this situation in the real world once or twice, and it was almost always an Orange head through a Marshall cab, because there just weren't many Orange cabs around -- but Marshal cabs were everywhere.

    My takeaway (which confirms what I've known for years) is that TO ME, it's always pleasing to blend the Marshall and Orange sounds, however you end up doing it.
    Life is easier, so much easier, life is easier now.
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    and remember ......

    Paul Kossoff used an Orange head on two Orange 4 X 12" cabs and a Marshall head on two Marshall 4 X 12" cabs for his "Free" live rig. This was Paul's back line of amps used to produce the guitar tone of  Free's "All Right Now", "Mr. Big", and "The Stealer".
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    Here is a cab comparison with the same speakers. It seems like the Orange has more bottom end, which makes sense because of its deeper dimensions. Also, I've noticed that stoner rock band seems to favor the Orange cabs.

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  • What speakers did Orange cabs use back in the day?
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    ...what the hell is a "hoff stack"?
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    Haha, it's the technical term in Swenglish for half stack. 
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