Paco de Lucia, La Busqueda (The Quest).

Saw Dave's post about Sugarman (Sixto Rodríguez), and remember that doc about Paco.
Meaybe you'll enjoy it (and feel the flavour of an andalousian making voices -his father's, mother's and so- =)).
Also interesting how he was an actual hardwarde/sound tech.
The guy from the poorest village in the poorest region on one of poorest country, with the Dictator on the seat reach the peak of music world with his simple woody guitar, learn english, jazz, invent the use of many instruments on the flamenco style and tour the world.

Statistics sais "tend to 0" to those results.

So, Paco's son was making the doco when he passed.


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    Don't know if there's subtitles for that.

    You can also like this one (black/white, subtitled), from Paco's early years.

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