What Does this Button Do? Bruce DIckinson An Autobiography

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    Might need to pick this up! I also think Bruce is awesome for all the reasons mentioned in your review. Also I love when rock books are free of dirt, I am so tired of that shit and it doesn't interest my one friggin' bit to be honest... An insight into the mind of this great man should be a treat :) 

    My fiancé have moved to Scotland for a semester abroad so I will have a lot of time killing on planes and airports the next few months - should pile up a few books :) 
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  • TravisWTravisW Posts: 811
    I agree 100% with that review. It was a fun read, both enlightening and entertaining. I think we've probably heard most of the defining stories of debauchery and band politics, but this sheds light on the mind that helps create the elements of the music we all enjoy. 
  • Nick LaytonNick Layton Posts: 659
    Good review--I'm about 250 pages in, almost finished. To be honest, at first I was a bit disappointed because there is very little to chew on regarding Bruce's relationships with the Maiden guys and the albums...I always find that stuff fascinating. But once I got over that I have really enjoyed the book. Bruce is really an interesting dude!   
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    I have to grab this for my kindle.. It MAY be the first music autobiography I've read where the subject hasn't been to rehab 23 times :)
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