Incoming: Rhodes (KSR) Artemis II 100watt head

Been wanting one of these for a while. Finally got a deal on one. Arriving next weds.

It's got 3 channels: clean/lead/lead, but the 2nd lead channel toggles to the crunch channel as well. So it's a 4 channel amp. Also has the Andy Wood mod (whatever that is) and a faceplate that changes colors depending on modes. It's used but only been played about 3-4 times. Rack mountable, too. I know Kyle Rhodes from NAMM. Super nice and reliable guy. Made in the USA too.

I have to go out of town for about a week after it arrives so I won't be able to give full report for a while.


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    Dude....I am so jealous. Those amps are amazing. I imagine you are looking forward to getting some real playing time on it.
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    Yeah. Out of town right now. Got to play it for 10 minutes 
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    Anymore time on this amp Art?
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    A bit. But I have a cold for the past 7 days and my ears have been plugged since last Thursday. On my flight home on Wednesday they got even more plugged in the plane. Felt like icepicks in my ears. 

    So I can say there’s a zillion tonal options that I’m just starting to comprehend. There’s so much gain on tap...holy shit. 

    I see see people out OD pedals in front of these amps. Wtf???

    Im currently playing it through my Framus 4x12 with Greenbacks. Since my ears are plugged I have a high frequency roll off so when I palm mute lower strings it doesn’t sound super crisp. Driving me nuts. 

    However, I bought a Source Audio Lunar Phaser. It’s awesome. Got a TC PolyTune 3 coming in today that has the built in Bonafide Buffer. Also bought a new mint TC GMajor 3 for the loop. When I was in Vegas I bought it off eBay. The seller was in Vegas and met me at my hotel. Got a real good deal on it. 

    Now im thinking of an RJM Midi controller and maybe Voodoo pedalboard. 

    And one one day I’ll be able to hear again! Once I can I’ll throw in my EH EL34 tubes into the amp to try them out. It can take 6L6, EL34, and KT88. I’d love to try diffferent speakers too. My neighbor has a 5150 4x12 and possibly another. Kyle suggested Creamback 75s. 
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    Damn....hope your head clears up. That's awesome that it can take KT88's. I have loved that tube type ever since buying my Baron Custom. 

    Your really giving me the itch to own one of those KSR's. I had just about given up on that. Hopefully 2018 is a good year for me and I can start buying gear again instead of selling it....ugh...
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    How would you say KT88s sound in comparison to 6L6 or EL34s?

    My left ear popped tonight! Progess!!! Ha!!!
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