Local DIO Tribute tomorrow

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A couple friends, great players all, put together a Dio tribute focusing on the stuff we all like: Dio Era Rainbow, Dio era Sabbath and Vivian era Dio. i believe they’ll throw  an Aldrich era song as well. No Goldy stuff or anyone else’s, as far as I know.

this is a one time only deal. They all have their own gigs ans projects. The vocalist is by far the best local guy I have seen in my 25 years of going to local gigs. He’s my age and we know each other since we were teenagers. He did a Queensryche tribute a few years ago. I know he will pull this off. Were I to form a band these days, he would be my first pick, no doubt about it.

the guitar player is the guy who sold me my Les Paul clone. Killer player and a perfectionist to the point of obsession. A true dino player, he worships Schenker, Malmsteen and VH, like many of us. They have kept the set list secret, but they uploaded a short vid of a rehearsal to FB and I could tell it was We Rock. Also, I had a conversation with the guitar player and he asked for my opinion on the Gates of Babylon solo, which he claims gave him a very hard time because he wanted to play it just like Blackers did on the record. He seems to be close to nailing it. i believe Ritchie once aaid in a interview that that was the hardest solo he ever played.

i wish I was involved in this in some way, but I’ll have to settle as a fan in the audience. I’ll post videos if possible so you guy can see some of the performances!

i am really looking forward to this. A few years ago, I paid 20 bucks for the Dio Disciples gig. This is 5 bucks only but I have reasons to believe it might be better in some ways...
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