MSG Built to destroy

Any thoughts? I found it a massive disappointment after AA but  as the years have passed some of its pretty cool. Rock my nights and IGMYM in particular.


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    I was bitterly disappointed upon first release that Bonnet got fired, and I couldn't help but think what he could have done for those songs. I was surprised Barden seemed...well, kind of disinterested or something; this album didn't seem to have even half the conviction of the MSG albums before it.

    That said, the extended version of Rock WIll Never Die has fantastic renditions of those songs, and perhaps represented what those songs could have been without the softened, sorta MTV-friendly production (or whatever that producer was thinking) of the studio album. Just my opinion.

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  • I was bitterly disappointed with the album.  I thought it was pretty terrible compared to the first two Barden albums. I didn't compare it to AA.
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  • I consider that one, along with Rock will Never Die, the definite end of the classic MSG. There's some gems after that, but to me the Schenker I like, worth revisiting is from 1974 to 1984. That said, I have found this to be the one album I listen to the least of that period. The first album and Assault Attack are by far my favorites.
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    I still like it, but mostly for sentimental reasons. Objectively, it's nowhere near as good as the first three albums, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone wanting an introduction to MSG.  This album has several problems (beyond the overall weaker set of songs): first, it's got a wimpy FM-rock production, and it's very keyboard heavy, with dated keyboard sounds, so it hasn't aged well at all sonically.  Also, I love Gary Barden, and to me he'll always be "the voice of MSG", but on BtD he's forcing his voice so much that it's grating and painful to hear. On the positive side:
    - Schenker's nifty soloing, obviously,
    - Rock My Nights Away is a damn fine live song, it sounds way better without the prominent crap keys,
    - Captain Nemo is a great typical MS instrumental.

    On a side note, in retrospect, the cover art seemed an omen of Michael's years of meltdown. But Caroline Dodd was lovely. 
  • This is my least favorite of the 80-84 MSG albums too...but I still like most of it despite the middling production.  
    Rock Will Never Die is my least favorite of any MSG album - the piercing trebly tone, overly fast (for Schenker) just doesn't hold a candle to Budokan or any of the studio stuff from back then.  Listened to it recently and the songs that were left off originally were done so with good reason...they're not great performances Imo.
  • Gary Barden lost his high voice after Budokan.  Never came back. But I thought he did a great job on In the Midst of Beauty.
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    I liked it, but nowhere near as much as the first two albums. Really, for me, if I spin Budokon, I am totally good for that early period. I love AA, but everything after MSG was downhill for me.
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    Gary Barden lost his high voice after Budokan.  Never came back. But I thought he did a great job on In the Midst of Beauty.

    I really liked his tone on that. And there were several good ones there, probably the best stuff he'd done since the first Walk on Water imo. But then, I'm way more MSG than UFO.
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    I actually really like 'Built To Destroy'. I am a little biased because the album has a special meaning to me. While I had heard a few UFO songs....'Built To Destroy' when it was released was my first real introduction to Schenker. I bought it when it came out on the strength of 'Dogs Of War' and 'Captain Nemo'. The syndicated radio Heavy Metal shows  at the time were playing both songs a good amount. The album did take me a little getting used to because half of it was a little on the poppy side.....but I thought it was an interesting album and songs like "I'm Gonna Make You Mine", "Still Love That Little Devil" and "Time Waits For No One" were catchy and really good songs. I also thought the songs 'Red Sky", "Dogs Of War", "Rock Will Never Die" and "Captain Nemo" were among some of MSG's best songs. Is it as good as 'Assault Attack'?.....definitely not.....and it probably does not rock like the first two MSG albums....but I still love the album. My vinyl is strange as it is a European import with the U.K. track order but the U.S. mix with Derek St. Holmes singing "Still Love That Little Devil". I recently bought the remastered CD with both versions on it. The U.S. mix definitely is much better.
  • I'd knew about BTD because de live video concert for Rock will never Die, so I know the songs, not the album. They're some nice songs, with a super high class instrumental. Good playing Michael.

    But, I'm (still) a die hard fan of Budokan. I'd learned to play almost litteraly thanks to that album (and UFO's SITN). I remember myself playing the whole doulble lp and playing along for 3 times in a row (and not only a time, but many times, way too much of what mommy could take) :D Poor mommy r.i.p.

    So, I do measure MSG work comparing with ONAB. Dificult to pair.

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    Gary Barden lost his high voice after Budokan.  Never came back. But I thought he did a great job on In the Midst of Beauty.
    Yes. I love what he did on that album. And songwise, it was easily my favorite Schenker release since 1983-1984. But AFAIC nothing can touch the first three studio albums, and One Night At Budokan.
  • Captain Nemo is great, and Rock Will Never Die is an OK song with a great guitar solo.  The rest of it I find forgettable. 

    Built to Destroy - a set of mostly forgettable songs with great guitar solos.
    In the Midst of Beauty - a set of quite good songs with forgettable guitar solos -- and that's Schenker's fault.
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    To me, Built to Destroy was Schenker's attempt at radio airplay, especially in the US. After Assault Attack, the only thing this album might have destroyed was Def Leppard or Quiet Riot! I had the import version which opened with "Rock My Nights Away," and I was very disappointed that the US version reordered the songs, which made the album sound even more "poppy" than it was to begin with.
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    I love it. No idea why it got such a bad rap. Great songs with killer hooks.
  • Re listened to deluxe version today. I liked DOW and Systems failing best. The others were better on Rock will never die.
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