Founding Celtic Frost bassist Martin Eric Ain passes at 50

This really REALLY sucks. Along with Tom G. Warrior ( Thomas Gabriel Fischer ) he helped form both Hellhammer & Celtic Frost, 2 of extreme metal's most daring & groundbreaking acts.Celtic Frost was basically ground zero for the Thrash/Death/Black metal scene, but they also bravely took metal into a  seriously avant-garde direction, exploring sounds/styles/idioms that anywhere else would've been pure blasphemy, but not only did they make it work...... they helped pioneer much of the extreme heavier end of the spectrum.

I'm glad I got the chance to see them once, their '06 Monotheist reunion tour & they were FANTASTIC. He had a trippy stage presence I seem to remember but I was mostly just blown away I was finally seeing such legends......

Cranking Morbid Tales & drinking a hearty cold ale in honor.


  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 8,320
    That sucks....Celtic Frost was a really cool band ahead of their time. I remember I was always freaked out by Ain's Goth Vampire look....
  • HaffnerHaffner Posts: 7,425

    I just saw this, very unfortunate. I used to play Morbid Tales a lot when it came out, and they were often a really good band. I liked how  they didn't jump on the Venom bandwagon like some did (witness the first two Bathory albums), they had their own, distinctive thing going.

    RIP Martin.

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