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The stress level is gettin up there. Those in the path.. Mojo yer way...


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    Atlanta expects to get heavy rainstorms on Monday, but nothing like the trouble Florida is going to get.

    Are there any Dinos further south than I am on the east coast?
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    Yeah, I'm 34217 .. Sarasota Bradenton area. The next three days are what we pay for our winters, and springs with ...

    This is odd. A couple weeks ago a tropical storm formed just off shore overnight and moved onshore in the morning. It's the only time I've ever stood in the eye of a tropical depression and looked 360 to see clouds moving in a different direction no matter where I looked..  That was cool.

     This is serious.
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    Stay safe man, good vibes headin your way
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    Stay safe.  Hurricane Harvey sucked for us.
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    Bytor, are you safe in Bradenton? There's no telling what this storm will do, where it go, etc. I was doing business with Manatee Memorial back in August 2000, and the daily afternoon thunderstorms there were serious enough. Irma has to be 20 times the strength of those squalls.
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    Stay safe Mike....thoughts are with you. 
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           To all of you in the Hurricane's path ....... Tomorrow still has you listed as active players in the script. You'll be fine. I'm not as certain about your roof / siding / windows / etc. but  ..... You will see tomorrow and the day after with the rest of us.

           Note. *****  If any of you could capture a picture or video of any of those idiot weather reporters getting blown out of their shorts / panties or getting picked up and tossed half a block down the street by a wind gust or diving in an ungainly manner to avoid being beheaded by a wind powered yield / stop / no left turn sign I would be very pleased if you would post it. I've been watching these dick heads for days now wondering which one takes a coconut first.
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    Hope all is well Mike.....been watching the updates on the news. As I am writing this Tampa is being hit. I have an uncle and cousins in Boca Raton....I know Miami and the Keys got pounded early today. Keep us informed on how you are making out when you can. 
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    Helluva Night  :#
    But  the kids are ok, that house is fine.. We're ok, this house is fine and both businesses are fine.. We dodged a major bullet. I cannot adequately describe the sense of relief the wife and I are feeling this morning.  :s
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    Great news man....glad you and your family are ok. Happy you did not lose anything as well. 
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    Did you lose power at all, Mike?
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    Great news!
  • Glad to hear you're ok, Mike.

    Life is easier, so much easier, life is easier now.
  • Great to hear Mike!
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