New Walter Trout 'Duets' album

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Released on Friday 

A new album featuring duets with luminaries such as  KWS, Robben Ford, Eric Gales, Randy Bachman, Sonny Landreth, Warren Haynes, John Mayall, Edgar Winter, Mike Zito and he who should not be named on this forum, but has the initials JB

Huge Walter fan. I've seen anyone give as much during a show.  2 years ago, when he was literally on deaths door with liver disease, he played a full set, but had to sit down and he was amazing.

Heres the excellent title track with the aforementoned Bonamassa, a banging little blues tune with the full blasting call+response finish that you would expect live. 

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  • LerxstFanLerxstFan Posts: 4,781
    That is awesome news. I am definitely going to check this one out. 
  • the KWS track on this, "Gonna Hurt Like Hell", is stellar, too.  Trout is a MONSTER.  i'd like to see Trout do an album with THIS dude:  

    if there's a better contemporary electric blues harmonica player than Jason Ricci, i don't who who he or she is.
  • The SeekerThe Seeker Posts: 628

    For those not familiar with Walter, watch him chuck the kitchen sink at this BB King tribute

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