NAMM 2018 Roll Call

Anyone going to NAMM in January 2018?

Looking into costs over the next few days. 99% sure I'm going, just need to check my work travel schedule.

More than likely I'd go Thursday thru Saturday.


  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 8,396
    It's a possibility for me. I am making a career I am involved with that right now. I already have a job offer once I pass my exams. I still plan on staying in music retail part time (discounts on gear is cool)....but I already quit GC and went back to Sam Ash Music. I will know more in the next month or two. I am already planning a trip to Austin this coming Spring to see Schenker w/Bonnet, Barden, and McAuley. I can't miss that.
  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    I LOVE NAMM !!!

    Brubaker had a booth for over a decade and I went almost every year since 2000 . Then he got involved with AP International and getting passes became difficult since Kevin wasn't the boss anymore .

    Jennifer and I are planning to attend this year . I went without her in 2016 and wimped out in 2017 .

    I'm going to New Orleans with Kevin Brubaker next week . For years he provided passes for DRG members . I  always got my passes through Kevin . I don't really have another source .

    When he started his import line AP International represented Kevin at NAMM . Some of you may remember his stuff was in the Floyd Rose Booth . (AP has all the distribution for FR)

    I got the DRG passes from AP in 2016 and I really have no interest in dealing with them again . I'm hoping Kevin can find some passes for those who need them .

    Venomboy & Duojett  got passes without Kevin .

    Demented Ted goes every year and Kevin always hooked him up .

    I'll find out what the deal is next week .

    Besides Rich does anybody else want me to try to get them a pass ?

  • VenomboyVenomboy Posts: 3,470
    Jeb, there's a chance a local friend can get me one. Not 100% sure so if you have another source please let me know. 

    Evety year I say I'm not gonna go...then I go and have a great time. Definitely missed all you fools the last few shows. 
  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    I believe NAMM Member Music Stores may be willing to at least sell one to you . 

    Depending on your status all NAMM members get a specific amount of free passes . My understanding is they can purchase additional VISITOR passes .

    If Kevin comes up empty my plan is to hit my local mom & pop music stores and ask them to let me buy my passes through them .

    Some millionaire trustafarian dude from the mid west just opened a " school of rock " studio /rehearsal /teaching facility down the street. He hired Charles, a young Berkley guy I know as " Dean " of the music school . The owner practically ...if not this guys dick .Besides nairing Charles's bung hole he actually bought Frank Zappa's Tele at an auction for 75k and GAVE it to Charles .  Although I suspect the exchange of bodily fluids may play a role here perhaps NAMM passes can be procured .Carl went to NAMM with Charles last year . Charles is a gay for pay hipster douche better suited for Carl .I need to fight the urge to punch Charles in his freshly naired balls . I'll get Carl to see if Charles can be of any use .

    My friend Gene " The Bass Machine " works for a National Sound Company and is totally hooked up . He was able to get Jenn & I V.I.P. tickets for Paul Reed Smith's giant anniversary party . I can reach out to him .
    Venomboy said:
    Jeb, there's a chance a local friend can get me one. Not 100% sure so if you have another source please let me know. 

    Does this mean I should look for two passes for you and BiBi ? or just you ?

    As of three weeks ago Dino Dave is staying home . However, depending on the delegation I wouldn't count Dave out yet . Howdee says he'll go if Dave goes .

    Carl says he is going . I imagine Rich is game . What about Chuck ???

    The time is NOW ! Get off your ass & meet us in California !!!!

  • My issues with going are twofold.  It's always in January coinciding with Amy's birthday and our Anniversary which puts me in sight of the doghouse if not in it when I go. And last time I went, I got totally fucked by the weather, and had to turn around and fly back after one day. That sucked.   It may be somewhat easier coming from NYC than it was from Boston in terms of direct flights. 

    The other thing is that the show itself doesn't change much at all from year to year.  So when I go, it's 99.9% about hanging out with DRG friends I rarely get to see.  So if a TON of us are going, and there is a pass available, I'm more inclined.  So Jeb, explore the possibility of getting a pass for me.  If it looks like a huge turnout, I'll consider it. 

    Life is easier, so much easier, life is easier now.
  • VenomboyVenomboy Posts: 3,470
    Jeb gimme a few more days and I'll let you know if my wife is coming. She's got a new job and not much PTO; she used most of it on our Maui trip last week.
  • I'm totally in.I missed the last two years,and I miss the fellowship of my Dino brothers and sisters.Yes,my arthritic knee
    hampers my ability to walk long distances,but so what.I will deal with it,and brother Jeb will keep me medicated! If NAMM passes prove to be unattainable,I wouldn't mind just riding out to SoCal to hang with the Dinos.
  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 16,199
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    Amy is telling me to GO.

    So i'm in.  Jeb, tell Howdee to put his money where his mouth is, and I'll expect to see that old hippie there!
    I'll need a pass.

    In the mean time, who's going, where are you staying and for what dates?
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    Life is easier, so much easier, life is easier now.
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 8,396
    If I go....I will be staying at my friend's place in Costa Mesa....I will probably rent a car. Costa Mesa isn't that far from Anaheim. I usually fly in the day before NAMM starts and stay through the following Wednesday. I think I can get passes through work.

    Jeb....that's killer if Howdee goes....that dude is awesome....I still love his take on the people from Dundalk....
  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    Duojett71 said:
    I think I can get passes through work.

    The people behind NAMM want the employees of the brick & mortar retail stores to attend . I imagine they can get passes in a snap . So.....Mark...old buddy,old pal.....ask your people at work if you can get more than one pass . If they have already assigned the free ones inquire if they'd allow visitor passes to be purchased ???

    I leave tomorrow for New Orleans with Kevin Brubaker . I'll ask him if he can help us . I'm still hesitant to involve him because last time was a cluster-fuck of epic proportions . However, Brubaker does have connections .

    Years ago he got 20-30 passes . I don't think number that is possible anymore .  He may only be able to get 4-5 for 2018 . Any more could be pushing it .

    Maybe Mark could get some . I'll ask Brubaker to call Dino at BSX ; we 've procured passes from them before . I'll get Gene The Bass Machine & Carl Hupp to ask around.  I'll know more next week but in the meantime I'd ask the people who you buy stuff from if they can get passes . I can't guarantee I can get enough passes . 

    We usually stay within walking distance from the Convention Center . Jennifer's requirements for hotel rooms are WAY higher than ours . She has a place in mind . I'll get the details . But you can go cheaper for sure .

    I'll tell Howdy you guys are asking about him . Maybe Dave & Howdy can split a room ?

    OOOH....I just thought about Chubtone ??? He may be able to get some passes ?
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 8,396
    The first time I went to NAMM was through Sam Ash in 2010 and I was able to get a pass for myself and for a guest. I usually brought my buddy Steve who some of you have met because I stay at his place. Steve....I believe has probably seen enough NAMM the three times he has gone with me....He will go Thursday and then for a couple hours on Friday and he is done. I imagine he wouldn't really care about going this time around. He isn't a gear freak like us. I also believe the two times I went through Guitar Center I was able to get one guest pass....but then GC stopped supplying NAMM passes to employees altogether.....cheapskates... I know the National Sales Manager to Sam Ash pretty well. I think Ash will still be able to get me a couple passes.
  • VenomboyVenomboy Posts: 3,470
    I'll know by end of August if I'm getting a pass via my local source. Just talked to him today. A friend gets them through a local shop and he contacts them by end of August.

    Dunno where I'll stay...usually across the street from Disneyland or whatever is available that won't bankrupt me :)
  • Spoke to jeb today and he thinks he can get enough passes through Kevin. Don't know when that'll be definite. 

    I booked a room last night and my advice to you is that if you are even considering coming, book your room NOW while you still have some choices. Rooms are already going fast. Just make sure you can cancel it if you change your mind. 

    Also spoke to Rick last night and tried to get him come. He's considering it. 
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  • I would love to go. Never been to NAMM, and the chance of meeting you guys would be the cherry on top of the cake... I wouldn't even need a hotel, since I have plenty of relatives in the LA area and some are very close to Anaheim. I always stay with them when visiting.

    That said, my finances won't allow any type of traveling in the immediate future. Who knows? Maybe next year....
  •  Who knows? Maybe next year....
    It IS next year -- January 2018. ;)
    You should try. We don't have this many DRG guys going ever year.  Looks like there could be a dozen of us this time.
    Life is easier, so much easier, life is easier now.
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