Reverend Double Agent W

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i played one of these today.  the W is for Wilkinson, and the trem IS nice.  i don't think i can deal with the anniversary inlay on the neck, so i ain't buying it, but it's a really nice guitar.
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    One of the few remaining decent guitar shops in Belgium is a Reverend dealer.
    I wouldn't mind checking them out because they seem good value for money but they don't make a single model that tickles my interest...
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    I actually dig them... Even the Corgan  :/
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    I played a Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider a few years back that I really liked. I've also tried a newer model Rev with those Railhammer pickups, and I wasn't impressed. The Ron Asheton signature V was pretty nice though. I wish I had snagged one of those cheap when I had the chance a few years back at a guitar show.

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    Reverand has some nice stuff.....hard to find local dealers. That Reeves Gabriels Dirtbike guitar looks sweet as does that Sensei series....
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