Greta Van Fleet

Ok ...Here we go....Huge buzz in the music industry on this upcoming band. Teenagers....kickin some ass....and everyone is saying  they sound like Zeppelin.  4 song ep out now with 3 more 4 song eps cds....or vinyl yet...only download  :(

From the band: then check out the tunes below....(I like what i hear):

There is an expression “an old man’s soul in a young man’s body.” With a keen sense of both music and the music business, as well as being unfailingly polite and articulate in conversation, Sam Kiszka exhibits a maturity far beyond his 18 years. Sam, who doubles on bass and keyboards, along with older twin brothers Jake (guitar) and Josh (vocals) plus drummer Danny Wagner comprise Greta Van Fleet, a band out of rural Frankenmuth, Michigan who have recently released the astonishing four song EP Black Smoke Rising. In a mere four songs, these young adults have managed to channel the excitement and revolutionary spirit of music that was happening in the late 60’s, a full four decades before they were born.

Much of the credit has to go with being raised in a close family within a tight-knit community of just under 5,000 people. There was always music in the air. Their father was a musician, and at family gatherings there were frequent impromptu jam sessions. The Kiszka boys eagerly absorbed everything they heard, and over time molded those influences into their own unique sound.

When listening to the album, one is struck by the undeniable resemblance to Led Zeppelin. Given an unmarked CD, one could easily think it was collection of newly released Zeppelin tracks. Sam is well aware of that, but at the same time tries to distance himself from the comparison. “You know what? That’s been a big thing ever since we started. There were early inspirations that definitely correspond, but we tried to not take too much away. We really don’t want to be associated with…it’s like being a cover band or some kind of imitation.
We want to be musicians on our own merit. So yeah, that’s definitely been a big thing. People always say that. But we try not to grab that too hard.”

Musical groups containing siblings are not uncommon, but three brothers which include a set of twins…that’s definitely rare territory. The day the interview with Sam took place was National Siblings Day (yeah, there’s a holiday for everything) and he was asked if it’s difficult to be in a band structured in that manner, given that siblings don’t always see eye-to-eye.

“You know what? It’s really not. There used to be some fighting because we’re all very passionate about the music and we’re all very, let’s say, stubborn about our own ways. In the past couple years it’s definitely evened out and we’re able to communicate a lot better with each other, try each other’s stuff. But definitely in the early years, there were some problems. And sometimes we still get mad at each other, but the music’s always strong enough to bring us back together. And we live in the same house, three of us, so it makes it easy for practice because Danny just comes over and we play, we’re all here.”

Despite (or perhaps because of) their young age, the band has a ton of material in the can, so to speak. “For this cycle right now, we’re gonna do three EPs of four songs each and that’s gonna make an album. And I suppose after we’re done touring for the summer, we can get back in the studio and look at all of what we have, which is a shitload, because of the weird way that this all came together. We were in the studio for two years before we released Highway Tune. So we have a lot of material. We have a lot of demos of songs that we probably don’t even remember, and we have a lot of final stuff too. So yeah, we have two more albums worth of material ready right now.”

Given how mind-blowing, crazy scary unbelievably freaky good the first four songs we’ve heard are, what’s even more awe-inspiring is that this is just the first from Greta Van Fleet. It might be a good thing that Black Smoke Rising wasn’t released on vinyl, because you’d be wearing out those grooves pretty damn quickly by now.


  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 8,446
    I checked out the video and a some live footage. These kids are really good and they can pull it off live. Super talented for sure and the songs are cool......but their schtick is that they sound exactly like Led Zeppelin. Not just influenced by them. That appeal or novelty is only going to last for so long. I would probably be more interested in this band if they had more of their own personality mixed in. I would be interested how these kids mature musically if they are still around in a few years.
  • eduardoritoseduardoritos Posts: 2,941
    In that vibe... I like more The Brew. Father and son, and the friend on drums.

  • M11M11 Posts: 644
    I just got around to checking out their EP. A blatant Led Zeppelin rip-off, but good tunes nonetheless, I liked it a lot. In today's crappy music scene, I can welcome a band like this.
  • mr_crowleymr_crowley Posts: 6,271
    Spinning their EP as we speak, definitely very Zeppelin-esque - especially his vocals are eerily close to Plant's at times. It'll be interesting to see what they'll come up with moving forward :) 

    The Brew were really nice too, cool guitar playing :) 
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