George Benson - Another entry crossed off my Bucket list

Just come back from a weekend away to see George Benson.  Been a fan for many years, especially his earlier straight up Jazz recordings.  I wasn't expecting too much from that part of his career on this tour and to be fair, the show was largely from his soul and jazzy/dance material.  But jeez - what a guitar player this guy is.  He's 74 years old and from the 4th row, we could see it all from close range,  and he still has it in bucketloads.

Outside in the sunshine, a few beers, stood up and danced and sang through most of the show.  He finished with a 15 minute version of 'Broadway' with solos from a stunning 6 piece backing band.   I wanted desperately to hear 'So What' and 'Take Five', but hey ho, I'll take it.   Great night !!


  • bourbonsamuraibourbonsamurai Posts: 1,638
    that dude has the most transparent attack of any jazz guitarist i can name.  he is so smooth!
  • The SeekerThe Seeker Posts: 628
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    True !!

    For me, this is the greatest guitar performance on YT.

    After cock ups in the first few bars, he goes into some sort of super trance at 1:20 and just tears it up like he was possessed.  The sax solo afterwards is pretty good too.

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  • whoopass1whoopass1 Posts: 1,395
    I'm not a Jazz Guy, but I've always dug George Benson. I even like his poppy tunes! He's definitely One Of The GREATS!
  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,696
    I used to see him a bunch in the 80s as I am a huge fan.  He used to play these great double bills with Roberta Flack.  Been a long time since I last saw him but I would check him out in a minute if he came locally.  
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