HELP Modernizing Your Catalog.

There is a very serious discussion on the table with which I would like your assistance. 

The deal was: I will run outside and grab a few photos of your toothy purple guitar, if you go and start an additional thread regarding the hotly debated subject of transferring our collective music catalog.

I notice he hasn't posted about this yet....  =)

We are moving. You already know about that, I think. 

I think you also know that Jeb does not subscribe to modern technology for the most part.

Jeb has a very large collection of CDs. I have some. I also have some vinyl. We have a turntable that never gets used, and we have several very outdated, bulky, dusty, unsightly machines that play the aforementioned CDs. 

Jeb likes his CDs. 

I get it; so do I. 

I like books too. I like paper, and everything. I don't like to read on Kindle, etc... I can remember threads here in the past where we all weighed in on that. No need to rehash, I'm just trying to illustrate my point. (You're currently remembering how long winded I can be?)

I like to touch the CDs and I like to read them, and look at the artwork in all their physical and tangible glory.

But Dude....

I implore you; please help. Talk to him.

In August Jeb will be traveling down to our new house for about 4 days to get some things set up in preparation for our move which will be at the end of September. One of those things that he'll be doing (with help from a friend of ours) is wiring the whole house with speakers. This was one of the things on my wish list. I want to be able to play music and have it be in any room, at any time. I want to be able to isolate the speakers and control them so that we can have music for example, in the bedroom or the kitchen, or the deck, but not in the living room. Or I want it to be on in the bathroom, and not the kitchen. You get the picture.

So the other thing that would make me happy, is to eliminate the DUST, the poor use of SPACE, and the ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING process of keeping track of where the MOTHER Fing CD is that I would like to hear at that very moment. 

I would also like to eliminate the eternal blame that I suffer for the mysterious scratches and misplacement of these CDs. If you ask Jeb, I am a ruthless villain and I should be stoned to death in the town square for the mistreatment of said CDs.... I am telling you right now.... he is wrong. Such bullshit. But I can't convince him otherwise, and neither can you. 

So if we modernize... and transfer alllllllllllllllll this music to the wonderful world of electronics, rather than plastic, lots of these problems, as you know... will go away. 

He is resistant. Even though it's utterly ridiculous. He does have some valid points, which I do appreciate {except for that bullshit that any of this is my fault..  ;-) } 

We won't get rid of EVERYTHING and we won't get rid of the turntable/vinyl... but PLEASE for the love of all that is unholy.... let's have a conversation about modernizing the music collection. 

We have a beautiful home, in a beautiful city. I really can't see giant chunks of space being eaten away by the 1990's.



  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 17,748
    Basically, you can do both.  KEEP the CDs, but spend time ripping them to MP3s with your laptops, regardless. Think of this as a BACKUP plan. In case they're ever damaged or destroyed, you have them backed up and could theoretically re burn them to CD.  You're not getting rid of anything. You're just making it far more convenient to play your music anywhere (like in a hotel room, on the go via headphones, out in the yard, etc.)

    Once they're MP3s, they can live on your phone or laptops, and you can play them via iTunes or iPhone's "Music" or something similar.  I have ALL the music I've ever owned on an old iPod the size of a third of a deck of playing cards. And on my laptop.
    You can still get all touchy-feely with your old CDs and their artwork, but you don't really have to play them physically. I still have all my CDs.  95% is at my mom's house, 5% is at my mother in-laws house.  I figure I fondled them enough in the 20th century.  The vinyl is long gone -- other than what's hanging on the walls as art. 

    I highly recommend powered bluetooth speakers for the new house. That way, whatever room you're in, you can stream the music in from your phone or laptop (it's the only thing my piece of shit iPad is good for, but I mostly use my phone), via iTunes, Spotify.  

     If you get a spotify account (or Pandora), and pay the $10 a month to keep it commercial-free, for $120 a year, you have access to a zillion albums you never owned (along with those you did), and you can stream direct to your bluetooth speakers. And of course you can also stream the ones you ripped, too the same way.  And again, you can still fondle the CDs as much as you like, but you won't actually have to play them. You COULD play them, but to do so, you'll need CD players, power supplies, stereo connecting cords and all sorts of obsolete crap that is way less convenient. All to play 65 minutes of music at a time.  The other way you can create playlists that go on for as long as you want them to. 

    Side note: I highly DON'T recommend Sonos or Bose systems.  

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  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,323
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    One time activity to arrange the CDs in alphabetical order in shelves with glass door.

    Use Spotify/Google Music on your phone, use a Chromecast Audio as the DAC. It's the cheapest best DAC in the market right now and you can play whatever from your phone so it's easy to use.

    Both these inputs go into a source selector like this:

    CD players amp out and Chromecast Audio's out go into the two channels in the selector. You still have room for 4 more sources!

    Use one of those for your two speakers. You're ready to roll! Both modern and old school from the same set up.

    You may need to buy some convertors to make sure the ports are compatible. Look up the brand Hosa on Amazon - they're good quality and have all sorts of permutations and combinations.

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  • bourbonsamuraibourbonsamurai Posts: 1,549
    Dave's idea is a good idea.  that's what i do.  it works well enough for atmosphere.   for REAL listening sessions, it's the turntable, anyway.
  • The SeekerThe Seeker Posts: 600
    Unlike Dave, I do recommend Sonos.   I have an 8 room system (music only)  that is rock solid and provides great sound.  I have around 5000 CD's and LP's and I no longer play 99.9% of them due to Napster/Amazon Unlimited subscriptions.  There is some voice control using the Echo Dot, but full voice control is expected in the next 3-4 months.  Equally as important is the WAF  (Wife acceptance factor).  She loves it

    Admittedly it's not cheap, but you don't have to get everything all at once.  I'm sure those bastard speakers mate with each other...
  • OskyOsky Posts: 1,056
    I have two Squeezebox Classic streaming media players one in the living room the other in the music room. I have ripped all my CDs to the hard drive of our main family PC which acts as a server. Initially when I went this route I ripped to MP3 but I have now re-ripped them all to FLAC files which are pretty much lossless and sound the same to me as playing a CD, they are wayyyy better quality than 320kbps MP3. So I never play my CDs now. I still have the artwork and inlay cards stored with the discs but I never look at them. I've listened way more music since I've ditched the physical media, only downside is the time it takes to initially rip stuff.
  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,774
    Osky said:
     Initially when I went this route I ripped to MP3 but I have now re-ripped them all to FLAC 
    Ha ! This is at the top of my list of always postponed things to do. I already have every CD ripped to mp3 as a backup, and I'll still need mp3s for my little portable players, but now that disk space is cheap, I need to re-rip everything as FLAC or ALAC to have a high quality  backup.  Thanks for the reminder...  
  • OskyOsky Posts: 1,056
    Osky said:
     Initially when I went this route I ripped to MP3 but I have now re-ripped them all to FLAC 
    Ha ! This is at the top of my list of always postponed things to do. I already have every CD ripped to mp3 as a backup, and I'll still need mp3s for my little portable players, but now that disk space is cheap, I need to re-rip everything as FLAC or ALAC to have a high quality  backup.  Thanks for the reminder...  
    No probs... it took me months bit of a PITA really but well worth it for the improvement.
  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 17,748
    Unlike Dave, I do recommend Sonos. 
    The hardware is fine, but I HATE their flaky software -- especially the laptop version, which constantly makes you update, and reimport your library.  You shouldn't need a separate app -- you should just be able to connect though bluetooth.
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  • This is all good information. It's confusing to me, I am almost as archaic as Jeb  in the world of technology so we'll need help when all this goes down. ("when.....," not "if.") But nevertheless, this will be great to be able to review when it's time. 

    My evil little plan was to enlist you guys to talk some sense into Jeb, so I was hoping he would come on this thread and present his resistance arguments. Step one, is getting him to agree, step two is everything else. 

    And I like to have both steps squared away before August. 

    I would really like to ultimately do away with the majority of the CDs. So much space, so much dust...
    And as for "just alphabetize them once, and your all set..." No.... that doesn't work. It just doesn't. And I just don't want to wade through piles and piles of STUFF all the time or shove them in a corner. It's unsightly and it's a pain in the ass to keep clean. 

    We are finally leaving the subterranean mole hole we live in and will have a very different physical environment. We love this home, and we love the times we've had here. But I'd be really excited to minimize some of the clutter and the filth villains. I don't want spend hours of my life every week trying to make piles of old plastic look nice.

    Anyway, keep the other stuff coming. It's going to be hard to defuse it all, but I knew I could come here and get answers.
  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 17,748
    When Jeb visits in a couple of weeks, I'll try to wow him with Spotify/Bluetooth technology.
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  • jebbuddajebbudda Posts: 5,030
    I will be visiting Dave in August . That will be a great opportunity indeed .  I promise to have an open mind .

    I have downloaded 75% of my Cds . They currently reside on my laptop . I have a TON of hard-to-find , out of print Cds my knowledge....are not available for down loading thru something like ITunes .

    Last time Duojett was at my house I burned 50+ Cds from his laptop . Some of this stuff is not only expensive but really hard to find . JayG has been kind enough to burn me TONS of Cds , most of which I would never have found or even known about . 

    Take the 70s era Shakti albums with John Mclaughlin or some of the old Gary Moore albums . They are only available as an import ...unless you get lucky and find them used/stolen in NYC....then your going to pay 20 bucks .  New they cost 40 bucks . 

    My daughter gave me an ITunes gift card a couple years ago . All the stuff I really wanted was pretty much unavailable . 

    I have a system for the organization of the hundreds and hundreds of Cds in my possession .

    Jennifer is only interested in a small per cent age . She grabs her Van Halen , Johnny Winter , Montrose etc etc and they get lost , scratched and pretty much destroyed .

    If I need to find Shawn Lane Powers of Ten or Chris Poland Chasing the Sun or Scotty Anderson they are right where I left them .

    I can't help it the last two remaining copies of Aerosmith Rocks ended up in her car and are now Missing In Action .

     Open a drawer in my kitchen and you will find loose Cds of  The Beatles , Black Keys , Prince etc . None of which play because they are all fucked up from being abused .

    All my stuff is safe from destruction .

  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,323
    Jesus, the physical formats need to be worshiped and need to be kept in a library from where they will never leave. Kitchen, car etc only deserve the more portable/streaming formats. As much as Jeb needs to come to terms with the modern streaming technologies, Jenn needs to GET the value of physical formats and as the last generation that actually saw all three major physical formats, it is up to us to keep it safe. If you understand the value of a good collection, then you will subconsciously know how to take care of them - be it gathering dust and or getting scratches.

    We are the old guard and we need to preserve the best format that this music has ever had. It's the same reason this site exists. Because of me and my friends who also are collectors, a lot of the next generation fans have become serious collectors and they're doing a great job at it - and the community for this kind of music is sustained. Another important point is that buying merch is still the best way to support the artists you love. Shopify and the others are great for the consumers but they're as bad as piracy for the artists.
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  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,774
    ^^My thoughts, exactly. 
  • OskyOsky Posts: 1,056
    Jeb/Jen... 100% with what Srikanth says about preserving your CDs. This is what I use to store mine, not sure if you can get them now I've had these 12 years or more but I'd be surprised if there isnt something similar on the market now...
  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 17,748
    jebbudda said:
    I will be visiting Dave in August . 
    July, isn't it?

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