New Speaker Day!

I just decided the speaker in my DSL40c wasn't quite cutting it. It comes stock with a Celestion Seventy 80, which is not by any means a bad speaker, but just wasn't my jam in the end. The Seventy 80 rolls off too much bass for my liking, and while the mids are solid, the highs can get a little thin for my liking. In a ported combo, it makes sense to us them to keep the low notes from getting flabby. 

I decided I didn't want a v30 fairly early on. I like them a lot in 4x12s (particularly mixed with other speakers to round out the cutting mids), but I was more looking for an open low end and in general just something a little different. So I took a bit of a risk on the Eminence Cannabis Rex. It has a hell of a reputation online for lower gain applications, and liked what I read about it a long time ago in the KB. Funny thing is, there's next to nothing online about using it for higher gain applications, and Eminence themselves advertise it as a jazz/blues speaker for fender style amps. There's almost nothing whatsoever, and nothing of actual use about them being paired with Marshalls (and my google fu is pretty damn strong).  They're known for being a bit dark, but having a ton of high end and mid clarity, and I've literally been gasing for one since the days when our low-wattage solutions were classic 30s. 

It got here today, and needless to say I'm excited. It's going to take a while for the speaker to break in, and even longer before I become impartial to my new purchase, but first impressions are good. 100db rating vs the Seventy 80s 98 makes it noticeably louder, but it's a little more responsive to low volume. While the seventy 80 was tonally quite neutral, the C Rex does colour the tone a bit, adding a bit of hair to the low mids and some sparkle to the highs. What floors me is how good it sounds with medium gain. My SG can roll the tone knobs all the way, and get a real vintage woman tone from it, but a little more gain and the tone wide open and you get into a great 80s crunch, just without an ice-pick in the upper mids. The hair it adds also sounds great on the DSL's lead channel, which I found myself not using too much because it lacked a lot of the character that the JCM800 side of the clean channel had. I am a little worried about how it could sit in the mix, but I can worry about that later. 


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               It's now been 10 days since your original post. How's the Eminence Cannabis Rex holding out. All good? Concerns?
              I've always been an Eminence supporter although most of my cabs / combos sport Celestion. I've found in certain applications the Eminence Wizard beats Celestion hands down. For the record I also use / like certain Weber speakers. My other faves aren't in production anymore, (specific Jensens and Altec Lansings).
             Which guitar tones / gain levels benefit from your use of the Rex and which ones, if any, are found to be lacking?

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    It's still a huge upgrade. I'm really happy with it. I was a little nervous about the pick because it's using it for a different context than it's designed. It really likes the dirty clean into crunch tones though on the DSL, which is also what I bought the amp for in the first place. It adds a certain amount of hair to everything, so for a fully clean tone, I actually don't see it working that well. It's a little like a greenback, but a bit tighter and with less mid spike. It apparently pairs exceptionally well with the blues junior, which I could totally see. There's a certain trade-off in the highs, where you have much more smoothness than a lot of celestion, and it adds a certain sparkle to everything that I have a feeling could be pretty divisive. In high gain, the loss in the upper mids and subdued top make for a kind of Satriani-like high gain. Very smooth, and not a lot of buzz. Pinch harmonics take a bit of a hit, but are still very much doable. It might be my favorite blues rock speaker though, and I'd really love to hear a 2x12 with it and a v30 to get more of the spectrum covered. 
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    Keep in mind that Cannabis cones take a long time to break in. They start out pretty tight and then loosen up over time.
  • i just discovered this thread.  good info here about Eminience.  that DSL40c is one helluvan amp, too.  the green channel is the cat’s ass!
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    The 40c isn't the best thing out there, but in dollars and cents I honestly think it's the most bang for your buck on the market. 
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  • i like the FUCK out of it.  the DSL100h, too.  a FUCKTON of amp for the money, in either case.
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