The Ferrymen, Better than Blackmores Nursinghome ?

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Well, I like it, but I'm a big fan of Mike Terrana, so...


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    Yeah, I like it.....& I like Lords of Black too, the kid is definitely talented. I'm just a bit bummed that its so fashionable to knock on Ritchie when the guy is a living legend, & not done with as far as I can tell.Sure the last Rainbow trip could've been a  lot better bandwise & he was definitely a bit rusty, but the old magic was still there, just maybe needed a polishing.....anywhoo, just my opinion.But yeah, this new band looks good too B)
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  • eduardoritoseduardoritos Posts: 2,970
    I have nothing against Blackers.
    My point is that his playing and writing is a bit dated.
    After DP's Perfect Strangers, he's repeting the formula (I think).
    New DP album, not being a Modern Rock Album, is more alive, but maybe that's because the team work, not only because the talent.

    About R.Romero, he sings very well, but hes not the man for the Rainbow gig.
  • JohnnyJohnny Posts: 80
    Guy sounds like older Dio to me. Good.
  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,182
    Corny keyboards but the song gets better when it gets into the Masterplan territory and through the solo section. 
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    Singing is good; don't care for the song. A guitarist called Magnus Karlsson and a music video with chess in it? Intentional or coincidence?
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