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    Cool, so I need to order the footswitch as well then. 
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    You can also use an expression pedal as a wah. 
    And apparently there are some "hidden" amps - stuff from older GT multieffect units. Don't know how you find them, but they're in the Tone Studio somewhere. 
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  • Finally, finally ordered one. Well, it's technically a gift from the wife. 

    Been chewing up the little Vox and NEEDED something affordable, portable and good-sounding.

    We shall see. It was delivered an hour ago. I leave here in 40 minutes.
  • First impression: I'm impressed.
    I didn't spend a ton of time with the amp, but I dialed in a good sound pretty quickly on the Crunch setting. The higher gain settings don't fizz. The reverb is good. I'm used to amps with more sag/tube rectifiers, but the Katana FEELS good. Touch responsive, it transmits the guitar really well. Older solid-state amps would mask differences in instruments with higher gain (back in the day). 

    More in depth as I get to know it, but I think I'd get away with gigging it.
  • can you imagine having a guitar rig like this when you were starting out?  unbelievable what this will do for the $$.
    I have 25 years hoping for the year we have now!!
    And not only gear, but youtube tutorial on "how to play xxx song".
    I can't realize the amount of willness, effort and time we'd put on a guitar without a teacher.

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    Yeah, I would have killed to have an amp like this at 21. 

    It isn't the greatest of the greatest holy Grail of tones, but I like the sounds, and let's be honest: no audience in a bar is gonna think it doesn't sound legit.
    $219 well spent.
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  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,323
    Is that all the 50 watt combo costs in the States? Man I had to pay 380 almost. Should arrive today, so weekend plans are set.
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  • Is that all the 50 watt combo costs in the States? Man I had to pay 380 almost. Should arrive today, so weekend plans are set.
    Yeah, the went up $20 for 2018. I figured for that price if I can get a decent rhythm tone for rehearsals and jamming, and eek out a lead tone with an OD pedal it was still a bargain. Lucky for me it just behaves like a good sounding amp. At least with my Hamer Studio, but that guitar is a freak of nature. It's never sounded bad.
  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,323
    I gave this a quick spin yesterday and it more than serves the purpose. I still need to upgrade the firmware and explore the software bit but I need first to find a cable that connects the katana to my macbook's USB c port.

    More as and when I spend more time on this.
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    There are a few more effect options with the upgraded firmware - another flanger, another delay. 
    One thing that isn't obvious is how to program in a volume boost on a patch if you want rhythm/lead.

    Apparently you have to change the chain so the "boost" is after the "amp", and use the clean boost. Not tried it yet, but that's the advice. 
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    i brought my 50w Katana out to a gig yesterday afternoon.  i only used the brown channel, no footswitch.  i only used the internal echo and reverb for effects.  otherwise: guitar, amp, cord.  HOLY SHIT this fucker is loud.  christ.  the Brown channel cleans up nice with a volume control too.  i just can’t believe this amp and how good it is for the $$.
  • Dr NickDr Nick Posts: 3,715
    Another tip: use the Master EQ to improve the lower end - which can be a bit lacking. 

    Seems to work. 
    I've got the "secret" amps. I think they've used the same basic software as the GT-100. 
    TBH I've not found them to be as good as the 5 included, especially regarding the higher frequencies. However I'm sure others will find a use for them. 
  • My 50 watter died on day 31. No lights. No power. No sound.Never had it over 25 Watts. Probably put maybe 20 hours on it. Sweetwater had a replacement on it's way before I even packed up the dead one. I am, understandably, a little leery now. But we shall see how this goes. 
  • I've had the replacement for a week or so and no issues. It actually sounds like it has more grunt to it. 
  • A.J. HuckleberryA.J. Huckleberry Posts: 1,229
    A month later, the replacement Katana 50 is doing just fine. Definitely a difference in punching through the band vs. using a small tube amp, but it sounds good, easy to lug around, and I have taken to using different sounds if I can twist the knobs in a couple of seconds between songs. I don't think I'll get to "floorboard with multiple presets" territory, but for what is is it's great!
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