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the 50w version is $200.  i don't think any of these are over five bills.  how can you go wrong with this?
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    That amp sounds really good. I hope we get one of these in to try out. I am interested in that 50 watt combo.
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    It does sound pretty damn good.
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  • So, a  COSM tech loaded amp.
    I rather prefer my COSM loaded pedalboard and the avaiable power-amp, amp, line-in.

    What I really like is the Roland (Boss) blues cube and that "tone valve" thing. A valve, an amp, a sound. For live playing, perfect.
  • This amp is all the rage on TGP. I fried my little Vox at rehearsal last week. For $200, I'm gonna pick up the 50 watt Katana to leave at the rehearsal room. I love my z's, but they're a little bit of work to haul out on a Wednesday night. 

    There are a ton of clips and I'm thinking the Katana may go beyond"good enough" and end up being "good".
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,642
    We got the 50 watt 1x12 combo in at work. I played it for about 10 minutes last week. I sounded pretty damn good. I could pick one up for the price of a guitar's really tempting....
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    Does it sound good via the speaker? I played one at NAMM through headphones and it was complete ass. Buzzy and fake sounding.
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    Yeah...I have not tried it through the headphones. We got the 100 watt version in as well. I think any amp through the headphones is going to sound like ass....

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    ^Agreed, and I think these will sound even better through a real cabinet. This is available locally for a change, so I'm going to give it a go this week hopefully.
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  • Currently hinting about the 50 watt combo for my birthday...
  • i think i'm gonna pick up the 50w combo, myself.  is this gonna replace my money pit handwired, vintage glass Deluxe Reverb?  no lol, i sacrifice virgins to that amp.
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    Does the 50w combo have a speaker outlet to run an external cab?  I know the 100w does, but it's not clear from anything I've read so far.
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    I own the 100 Watt Head, it's GREAT! You can run it through a cab, or run it by itself. The built in 5 Inch speaker actually sounds pretty good! It loud enough to gig with, and it's footswitchable. The sounds are impressive. This amp is everything that The Yamaha THR 10 should've been. Best gear purchase I've made in quite a while. I have a video of myself playing over a backing track which I'll post in a bit here....
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    Snoogans said:
    Does the 50w combo have a speaker outlet to run an external cab?  I know the 100w does, but it's not clear from anything I've read so far.
    The only amp in the whole Boss Katana line that does have a speaker out is The 100 Watt Head Version. All the Combo Versions DO NOT have this feature. That said, the combos do sound pretty good with their stock speakers. And those combos have a tilt back stand on them, which is kind of cool. I almost bought the 100 watt Combo, but since the Head Version does come with a Speaker Out so I can run it into a bigger cab, THAT's what clinched it for me. And as I stated earlier, the fact that The Head does have it's own built in speaker, so you don't have to have a cab to play through it, is another Bonus. 
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    I'm liking the look of this for my son - assuming he passes his exams in June. That's the deal. 

    Presumably you need a separate pedal to do patch switching when gigging. 
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    Yes. The Foot Controller is sold separately. I'm still waiting for mine to get here. I bought the head locally, and they had no foot controllers in stock.

    The amp would probably be ideal for your son. However, the price is so reasonable, that you could probably buy one for yourself! It DOES really sound good!
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