Ordering a Chubtone!

Just spec'd out a new superstrat with Curt!  Stay tuned for updates.
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  • As a life long super strat enthusiast I gotta say that I'm very curious on the specs you ordered. Please elaborate soon.... :)
  • Well the driving factors for this guitar is to have a Strat with 2 HBs, 22 fret board, and super jumbo frets. I obviously have nice Strats already, but none of them are configured like this

    So it's gonna be kind of a Dino Dave version of Superstrat rather that a Classic Charvel-style superstrat with a Floyd. I was originally going to go with the Floyd, but then I thought -- I ALMOST NEVER use the bar, so why bother with the hassles of a Floyd. So it's going to have a non-locking trem (probably Gotoh).  Curt is looking into what the construction is on the ones they use.  I want steel saddles and a vintage style steel trem block.  No cast white metal saddles, and no trimmed-down, zinc trem block. 

    • Color is going to be candy Tangerine (like candy apple red, but tangerine)
    • Swamp ash body.  I told Curt I want the body to be between 3-4 lbs.
    • 22 fret rosewood fingerboard with super jumbo 6000 frets, tusk nut
    • Compound radius board 12 - 14 or whatever it flattens out to. 
    • Pickups are going to be two HBs -- a JB in the bridge and a 59 in the neck. Coil tapped for singles. color will be parchment.
    • I AM going with a pickguard. White pearloid/mother of toilet-seat.  So it will look a little more traditional and less 80s-era.  I've been practicing a ton of new stuff lately and finding I'm anchoring and sliding my picking hand fingers on the pick guard of both LPs and Strats -- a LOT.  Without a pick guard, I think I'd wear through the paint pretty quickly, and while that wear might look cool, it's not the aesthetic I want on this axe.
    • chrome hardware.
    So it'll look something like this, but with HBs, the jackplate on the edge rather than the face, and Chubtone headstock rather than Fender:

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    Oh boy, that's pretty sweet. I am sucker for that sort of stuff. I grew up looking at Circus magazines with pictures of dudes playing axes like that. I love other guitars, too. But a superstrat will always be the true love of my life hehe.

    My first electric guitar was a Peavey Predator from around 93 or 94. It looked exactly like a strat, except the headstock shape obviously and it had less screws on the pickguard. It had three very crappy single coils, but a surprisingly good tremolo bar. I basically learned to play on that guitar. I didn't have a good amp back then, and the pickups squealed like a stuck pig. I noticed most of my heros who played strats had humbuckers on them, except for Yngwie, which made me scratch my head long about my options. Then I read on a magazine what Van Halen had done with the frankenstrat and a whole new world opened to my eyes.

    I actually did cut a hole on the pickguard and read on a book at Barnes and Noble about pickup wiring. I went to the local store and bought a DiMarzio X2N, because... Gain. So now I had a fat strat with two singles and a humbucker in the bridge that was powerful enough to make up for my crappy amp. I played like this for years.

    Eventually I learned about tone and the good amps and the need to use proper gear. The guitar went back to the surgical table, and I am glad with the outcome.

    -Warmoth Birdseye Maple neck with something they call Azurite Malachite blue dots,1-11/16 nut width, compound radius, traditional Fender headstock, 22 jumbo frets, clear satin finish.
    -2 point fender tremolo with big block
    -clear pearloid pickguard
    -500 k pots
    -Seymour Duncan Custom 5 in the bridge
    -DiMarzio HS-3 in the neck because... Yngwie.
    -LSR rolling nut
    -Schaller Locking tuners
    -Schaller straplocks

    I chose the pickups accordingly to the tone chart on Duncan's website and figured they would work good with a Poplar body (which the guitar was) and maple neck. I wanted to put another humbucker on the neck, and a Floyd, but I would have had to carve the body and I wasn't skilled enough for that. I also did let the body it's original color, which was apple red.

    I got a Fender decal online and put it in the headstock. I should have gone for a Charvel one, or nothing at all but I didn't know better back then. The only thing original now is the body, so I can't really call it a Predator anymore.

    The result? My number one guitar to this day (and I own a Gibson and a Charvel.) I would love a superstrat with two humbuckers and a floyd, and I have lusted for a Charvel with that setup for a long time. But I am now thinking a chubtone might be in my future...
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    That sounds like a fantastic build! I can hardly wait to see your pictures and hear some soundbites! I had a strat in that color and it really does pop in person.
    DSCN0056.JPG 903.5K
  • Not the best picture, but it gives a good idea of the final result. I'll try to get better pics.

    fatstrat.jpg 75.1K
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    About time, congrats. Personally, I didn't care for the Gotoh trem I had put on a guitar, though I love their Floyd. If I put a Fender style non locking trem on a guitar again, it would either be a Hipshot brand, an American made Fender trem, or an FU Tone steel trem, the Gotoh just felt shockingly cheap.
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    I can probably get whatever I want.  I haven't heard back from Curt what they're using, and Gotoh has more than one model. The Hipshots look good, too.
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    That should  be a really nice build!  In fact, if I had to choose the specs on a superstrat, it wouldn't be much different... And I love that colour too. 

    As for the bridge, Callaham might be an excellent option too. 

  • SnoogansSnoogans Posts: 1,464
    Now we're talkin'!
    Two hums, rosewood, no Floyd and a pearly guard? Sounds like my Big Apple Strat.
    Damn, I love that thing. I just wish it was orange now....
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    That looks damn cool! Everybody needs a quality Superstrat in their stable IMHO - for me they are the best type of guitars out there.

    As for bridge you might want Curt to look into whatever Charvel has on Guthrie's signature guitar: http://www.charvel.com/guitars/artist/guthrie-govan-signature-birds-eye-maple-maple-fingerboard-natural-top-with-caramelized-basswood-body/
    IIRC it used to be some kind of Floyd Rose-thing but they seemed to have changed to that to Charvel's own. However I think it seems like a nice compromise betweent the ease of the old school bridge but with some of the flair you get with a real floating Floyd Rose.
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    Cool. I'm saving up my pennies to buy a Chubtone in 2017 as well.
    I'll go another direction though ;)
  • Sancho said:
    Cool. I'm saving up my pennies to buy a Chubtone in 2017 as well.
    They're a darn good deal for a custom built guitar. 
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  • Gunner4LifeGunner4Life Posts: 5,994
    Won't be disappointed 
  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,166
    So cool. What's the ETA? 
    Check out my band: Bevar Sea
  • Went with the Hipshot trem. I see a lot of good reviews on those. 

    So cool. What's the ETA? 

    I think Curt said 4 months.  Considering the SA took 13 months and cost 2X+ dollars, that's pretty good. 
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