Is Facebook Messing Up Dinorock



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    I have my colleagues and even my boss as Facebook friends. Don't see why not, it's not like I spout opinions there I don't spout at the job...
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    I'm very careful to not have co-workers as Facebook friends. Everyone I work with thinks that I am an unpleasant, short-tempered, grumpy asshole.
     I'd hate for them to find out that away from work, I'm really an unpleasant, short-tempered grumpy asshole...
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    Snoogans said:
    Everyone I work with thinks that I am an unpleasant, short-tempered, grumpy asshole.


    That's how I made it through my prison years...really! I was a boxing, powerlifting feces-disturber and actually practiced in the mirror (ala Taxi Driver) to look like a...well, refer back to Snoogans' quote :)

    This is peripherally on topic (and plus I beg of anyone to tell me to shut up, as I know I can go on so...oh there I go again BWA!).

    I think I alienated some folks, including a couple of the musicians (more than a couple), by making public not only videos of black and death metal bands, but my hiring of Kevin on drums (I don't care what anyone says, the guy is fantastic...ask Suffocation). The demo links I put up featured some Extreme Metal, heavier orchestration and avante garde-leanings.

    I realized quickly just how much of our fanbase was geared overwhelmingly toward classic rock and early metal, or the neo-Amadeus guitar thing. Those genres are represented in my CD collection, however I rarely hear things released today in that style that do much for me on a long term basis, I just listen to the Dino classics when I want to listen to that style (barring the good side of FB, when people like Vince and Sancho put killer, more recent stuff up, plus us Dinos ripping the oldies).

    I shot myself in the foot by making my FB page all about that style of music, and that's one of the reasons I deactivated that account, at least for now. I've found it better to come here when I want to talk about that stuff. No ads, too. ;)

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    I have way too many people on my FB. Local music scene stuff kind of screwed me a bit there. Lots of friends of friends. 
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    I don't think Facebook is messing up Dino Rock. I check both daily. And I'm Friends with many here on Facebook, anyway. The difference is that I POST daily on Facebook, but not everyday here. There are reasons for this. #1) I don't feel the need to jump on a topic, because many times, somebody has already responded to a thread the way I would have, so I feel like I'm not really adding anything to it. #2) I've been on the forum so long, that many topics have come up before. That's understandable, because you have new people joining all the time, so they have no idea that something has already been discussed. But if something's already been discussed here, I tend to shy away from it.

    As far as Facebook goes, I enjoy it. (Except for the political stuff.....wish I could filter that out because it DOES become overload seeing it all the time). Facebook has been a way for me to reconnect with old friends, keep in touch with family, and network in my field. In fact, my activity on Facebook is what helped get me hired at my latest gig. My current GM saw me posting on other peoples pages, got in touch with me thru FB, and subsequently wound up hiring me. 
    Skye said:

    Especially with things like clips of playing, whenever I see somebody post a clip of their playing I try to respond because it blows when you put something up and nobody wants to say anything. You're​ kind of like is it that bad or are people just ignoring it for some other reason? LOL, that's why when I see people put stuff up and nobody responds to it, I definitely try to say something.

    I know what you're saying. I've posted a few videos up here before, and it's like you can literally feel tumbleweeds rolling through the desert! LOL! I get it though, and don't take it personally. I mean with YouTube, there are so many crazy, talented, players out there, that people become jaded. So, I can see why one of my videos might get little or no response. Especially after people have been watching someone all day long, like Tina S. or some random 10 year-old Japanese Kid nailing "Eruption". However, when someone does say something nice, I DO appreciate it. 

    The ironic thing is, I've actually posted a LOT more Guitar Videos on my Facebook Page, than I ever  have here. In fact, I usually post a new Guitar Video every week. I do it more as a way to promote my radio show. However, in doing that, I've gotten some nice feedback from quite a few folks. It's resulted in meeting a lot more musicians, and being invited to jams with people I consider better than me. So, that's been positive.

    But I don't think Facebook has messed up Dino Rock. I enjoy both for different things.

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    I think sometimes if you try to play too technically, you lose something in the music - like you're playing for another guitar player. I like to play for people. The more sophisticated and mature guitarists become, the more they go with the feel.

    - Ritchie Blackmore

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