Is Facebook Messing Up Dinorock



  • Mr. C is right. FB is like ROCK.  Its not a young-people's thing anymore.  I'd bet the average age for FB users is between 35-45.
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    I used to really like Myspace. I posted quite a few original songs there and got a lot of feedback from people and bands around the world.
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    I gave up on Myspace when it kept insisting on translating everything in French for me. You're Belgian, so you speak French, right? Err, no...
    And the pages got so heavy and took so long to load it was of no practical use anymore anyway.
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    Isn't MySpace clinically dead?  I used to have a page, but it became bloated by ads, and it took forever to load,  indeed. It's left to rot, I don't care to know what it has become. 

    As for FB, my daughter and son (14 and 17) say it's old hat...  just as Mr C. and Dave pointed out. 
  • DRG is my way to you all and not FB because some reasons:
    - The in deepth of the discussions in that board are greater than you can have on facebook. Posts with videos, comments and links, are something dificult on FB.
    - Many people reading my FB page have nothing about music and/or guitars, and I'm too lazy to do the message classification work.
    - I'm spaniard, and many post in english could make my page "dirt" (however, I'd post some french and english when the thing is required).
    - And, the #1: I like you guys, like a secret. That's info here that is gold, and I prefer keeping it in DRG  (a la Name of the Rose) :D
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    Facebook is where I keep in touch with people that I know, and have interacted with away from the computer. I find it baffling that someone could have a Facebook "Friend" that they've never met. That being said, not so many of the comparatively small number of my "Friends" are guitar-savvy, so they probably all tire of my posting.  Maybe some of them even "Hide" my posts in the same way that I hide the endless drivel posted by the Middle-aged Star Wars obsessive, and the fifty-something who's still convinced she's a badass biker-chick. That being said, all these are my Friends for a reason, but by Christ, some of them know some fucking stupid people....

    I'm digressing -

    I like this place because it's a safe haven for like-minded individuals, all joyfully untrendy and with a remarkably tiny asshole-quotient. In fact I can't think of one!  Are there any assholes here?
    It's just a little sad that we don't get the numbers we used to have. It's still better than my other haunt, the Jackson/Charvel board, which is pretty much dead in the water.
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    Snoogans said:
    Facebook is where I keep in touch with people that I know, and have interacted with away from the computer. I find it baffling that someone could have a Facebook "Friend" that they've never met.
    I have encountered many fine people on this board. Several of them have been willing to do me favours in real life.
    It's safe to say, without exaggeration, they have done more for me than a lot of people I know personally.
    I have also met in person several members. It has invariably been a positive experience.
    So yes, I actually do consider these people friends. I consider everyone on this board a friend. We're bonded by a love for music, if nothing else.

    Facebook is different, in that it allows me to communicate and interact with people I'd never get to talk to without it.
    I'm from an era when rock musicians were mythical creatures who lived on Olympus.
    Nowadays, I can talk to the guitar player for Heir Apparent, the singer of Exxplorer will comment on something I've said or posted, or the drummer for Manilla Road will take the time to give me a lengthy reply on a question about life in my all time favourite band.
    To the eternal 14 year old in me, that's utterly amazing.
    On the other hand, it does take away some of the magic...
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    Yeah, I don't think I worded that very well. It's just that some of the people I talk to have Friends lists in the many hundreds, including TV personalities and sports stars. I find it extremely unlikely that they've ever actually interacted...
    In truth, I didn't actually know that there was a DRG presence on FB, other than having "Liked" the DRG page and getting the occasional update from Dave.

    I guess this place, for me, is the next-best thing to hanging around at the guitar store, back when we had them!
    I don't think I've met any of you guys - I may have bumped into you at a gig perhaps, although I did narrowly miss Dave and Amy in London once. And I have been in touch with Pontus once, by old-fashioned postal mail.
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  • It's an interesting point. The people I know on FB, I either know in-person or through DRG. I've met many of the DRG crew in person, but certainly not all of them.

    What I don't do -- usually -- is friend people I don't know either in person or from here. Friends of friends, for example.  So I generally have less than 100 FB friends at any given time.  And I prune them from time to time when there are people I don't recognize or have any real contact with -- or have a falling-out, which happens, too.  

    At the other end of the spectrum is Amy who has 3K-4K friends -- most of whom, she doesn't know -- because she uses FB to market her career and music. 
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     the drummer for Manilla Road will take the time to give me a lengthy reply on a question about life in my all time favourite band.

    Hey Joost, when did the drummer for Manilla Road play for Volbeat bro?
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    That is one of the fun things about it: if you are lucky Vivian Campbell will answer one of your questions, and Jeff Watson's rants between his bans from FB are always amusing. (The latter topic cannot be discussed in further detail here.)
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    I'm on Facebook and friends with some of the folks here on Facebook, I really just use it to stay in touch with friends and family that are far away, as everyone else said all the political bullshit and other nonsense is just completely annoying and I try to stay away from it. 

    I've been trying to post more on here lately because this is a great site but to be perfectly honest it's very slow here sometimes. Occasionally we will get a good discussion going like the pitch thread in the techniques forum and the Randy Rhoads thread, but a lot of times there's just not much interest when I post. I've made more than a few threads where absolutely nobody responded to it. I mean of course nobody is obligated to respond but after posting things repeatedly getting zero or very little interest I just kind of don't bother anymore.

    Especially with things like clips of playing, whenever I see somebody post a clip of their playing I try to respond because it blows when you put something up and nobody wants to say anything. You're​ kind of like is it that bad or are people just ignoring it for some other reason? LOL, that's why when I see people put stuff up and nobody responds to it, I definitely try to say something.

    Anyway when we get a good thread and discussion going it's awesome but a lot of times like I said it's kind of dead around here.

    But I love the site and there are lots of great people here to interact with so I will definitely try to post more.
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    Facebook is a place where I regret having spent so much time. It was too much of a distraction. Every time I've closed the...I guess you could call it my little Dino-loving FB page, I've gotten a ton more studying, composing, and arranging in. Say, from six hours a day of music to up to 14, every day.

    I mean, there are many very nice people on FB, not to mention outright benefactors, so there has been good about it.

    I would never choose any FB page over DRG, in fact I'm pretty sure I always hang out here more whenever I deactivate my FB profile. It's not just the amount of time I'm saving, though the fact that this is a forum with folks (and patrons) I respect makes what I write necessarily more thought out. I just like it here a lot better, been here I think going on 10 years or thereabouts.

    In summa, for me

    FB=overall a good diversion, too easily overdone. It says something that I feel bad about the excessive time I spent there, because I'm usually pretty devil may care when it comes to things like that, not one to regret out of proportion.

    FB can be like some person who smokes pot all day: why? Quickly diminishing returns. Out of all the people on FB, most of the people I interact the most with are on this forum lol!

    DRG= people who I'd definitely have a good talk with in person, whom I wouldn't mind meeting (if I wasn't such a recluse/borderline shut-in). If we all got together though, you folks play the guitars (my disinterest in the instrument continues), I'll just sit around, marvel at the gear, and hope Amy sings.

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    absolutely NO professional acquaintance.
    Forgot about that one, and that's an important point.  Keep those people separate.  I don't have any co-workers as FB friends.  I have just a few EX-co-workers as friends, but not people at a place if I'm currently working there. 

    This was a boo-boo of mine early on, and it ended up biting me on zee derriere later. My hysterical gushing went on too long in front of the people who were essentially my employees, and there were a few who took advantage with unbelievable indolence and unreliable ways to connect. From then on they were hired hands, and several of them were unfriended. Whenever I mentioned payment I couldn't keep away from those people, went it came to work I'd be once again at their mercy, especially in terms of time. I don't blame it entirely on Facebook (I'm realizing after all these years I can be very demanding), but it certainly opened my eyes and taught me how to approach employees in the future.

    I also went a bit (a lot) too overboard on certain people in terms of praise, then found myself not really I realized I no longer needed some "mentor" or people to look up to, the second album washed that out of my veins. To my quirky sense of amusement, I found some of the sycophant-ees were still writing me (and some even unrealistically expecting me to comment on all their latest doings), when I progressively had become less interested in the style. Quite a bizarre feeling (hard to explain to the aforementioned); but of course, I stay in touch and am always gracious to those folks...more than a few are wonderful people outside of music.

    However, I wish them all the best. I know how awful it is to actually make money in the music business, and I look at many of them as underdogs who I want to win!

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