Is Facebook Messing Up Dinorock

I used to have a Facebook account but found that family squabbles, personal messages being replied to by strangers, constant changes in privacy rules, and a constant worry about someone misreading the meaning of a post and turning a non issue into an issue was too much for me to handle. I also don't have a Twitter account for the same reasons. I'm a private person and prefer to post among friends. Lately, I've had to rely on Debi to tell me about current amp builds by our membership posted on Facebook but not on Dinorock, birthdays of our members posted on Facebook but not on Dino Rock, Dino Rock members discussing this or that in their lives, etc. etc.  .

Is no longer the preferred method of communication between it's membership? Has our beloved haven of guitarists caved into the cradle of me, my, me, my, the next guy, me, my, etc.of the Facebook world?

You don't have to agree.

Just say yes or no.

Dinorock was my social network. A place of like minded individuals where the electric guitar was an integral part of their life.

I'm personally questioning my reason for being here. This was a secret place among my buddies. A perfect place to go to escape the stupidity of the world, share a couple of opinions and then discuss the love of an instrument, amp, effect pedal or whatever.

Lately, as Debi has shown me, my buddies are spending far more time on facebook than Dinorock. I can't do facebook.

If Facebook has taken over please let me know and I will quietly fade away into the sunset. I refuse to become a member of our present infatuation with my opinion vs. all other opinions. My feelings vs. the world.

I've loved Dino Rock since I first stumbled upon it. It somehow made electric guitarists a species all our own. My heart lived here. My mind searched here. I learned, shared and taught. I became better and hopefully made others better. I looked forward to the latest post I could comment on.

What happened?



  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,321
    I quit facebook earlier this year. The DRG crowd (+ some of my other music friends) was whom I had most fun with on facebook, but the rest of it was an utter waste of time and I decided that it wasn't worth it. I'd go there to get entertained and catch up with friends, but there's all the politics and attention seeking to wade through. Politics especially got really nasty and polarizing in the recent past, and it has taken all the fun out of being online and shooting the shit. I rarely even go to Twitter so it looks like I'm all set to living like a hermit in my middle age.
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  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,321
    But I will be happy if we talk more here though. This is a group of people I'm very fond of and I've been friends with for a decade and a half.
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  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 17,493
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    Preferred method of communication? For some things yes, for some things no. And while Debi is correct that many people here interact with each other on FB, it's usually NOT in lieu of interaction here, but it's either a less in-depth interaction and/or not about dino topics. 

    I think both places are valid, and there is some overlap.  With FB, you can -- for the most part groom who you interact with.  You can now do that a little bit here with the new forum software's ignore feature, but I don't know how many members are using that feature, because we only just got it.

    Is FB a waste of time much of the time, sure. Is it MORE of a waste of time than a web forum like this one?  
    I don't know. You can abuse either.   

    I know this lady who's a local Boston Radio DJ (in the old-school sense of the word) who posts every fucking thought that crosses her mind during a day on FB.  It's ridiculous.  I didn't "unfriend" her, but I "unfollowed" her so I don't see any of her posts. No harm, no foul IMO. But I can reach her via FB if I ever needed to. 

    But there are DRG members past and present who post A LOT.  Remember Jack V? That's abuse and addiction. FB is PERFECT for that guy. DRG, NOT.  And there are people here who only post once in a blue moon -- months or longer.  It's the same with FB.  

    People get more into each other's personal lives on FB. But again, you can pick and choose with whom, and how closely you do that.

    Here, we tend to stay more music-focused, and we don't frequently air our personal laundry.  Some people do more of that on FB, but if you're not inclined to do it in general, you won't do it on FB either.

    The way FB works for me personally, is that the people here at DRG I'm closest with, I'm also friends with on FB. We stay more or less up to date with each others lives, to the extent we make that info public. We also talk about stuff that is taboo here.  For example, while I don't allow politics or religion on the DRG forum, I talk freely about such things with like-minded DRG friends on FB.  Conversely, there are DRG members in good standing with radically different life-views than mine, and I don't tend to be FB friends with them.  Or if I am, I probably don't "follow" them, so I don't see their posts of that nature.  

    One thing I DON'T do, is have any of my family members as FB friends. I don't want those worlds colliding, so I keep them separate. That solves your family squabbles issues.

    The other way I use FB is to "like" things, groups, and people I'm interested in. So for me, that means every day I see links to news stories about things I'm interested in. And pictures of Les Pauls, Strats, amps, pugs, bulldogs (btw, seeing pix/videos of pug and bulldog puppies can put a smile on my face in the WORST of days -- and there's more value in that than I ever imagined), polar bears, WWII Aircraft, and bottles of whisky.  You just have to tailor it to show you stuff you like.  

    FB exposes you to stories, pictures, and videos of the things that interest YOU personally. A chunk of that may overlap what we discuss here, but it can cover so much more.
    DRG exposes everyone here to the same stuff, curated for a common set of interests.

    Personally, Rick, I'd enjoy seeing you back on FB. (You too, Srikanth). Debi could customize for you so it only showed you people and things you're into.  You'd only be interacting with strangers if you choose to post in public groups. You could choose not to do that and just lurk and enjoy seeing new things that interest you.
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  • DonthegreekDonthegreek Posts: 2,751
    What Dave said. (I hate facebook too rick....but I do go there). Dave's pros and cons were spot on.
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,324
    My issue with Facebook is I waste too much time looking at the Newsfeed. I get sucked in and before i know it an hour went by. However....It is a way to stay in touch with old friends or even distant relatives that I might not otherwise have contact with. It also keeps me up to date on what is going on with them. My only other issue are the political and other arguments that people get caught up in. I don't post much political content on my own page...but I do occasionally comment on others political posts....and it usually ends up with people getting fairly nasty. It's not worth it....

    I still get on the Dino site and  forum just about everyday. For me it actually has been the opposite of what Rick brought up. I am having less and less communication with forum members on Facebook these days. I feel more connected through with all of you through the forum. That's probably a good thing.
  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,321
    Spot on Dave. Cleaning up who you follow in the newsfeed is key. I think a social media hiatus with focus shifting on career was useful for me this year. I might just get back on fb and be more brutal in terms of who I have on the newsfeed. 
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  • SnoogansSnoogans Posts: 1,657
    So does that mean I can post pictures of my dinner on here?  I've got this really funny cat video that i think you guys will dig too.....
  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,321
    Man I do miss looking at Vincent and Chuck's cat and dog pics.  =)
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  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,701
    Dave explains it very well. I visit both DRG and Facebook (generally one just after the other), but for different purposes. There's stuff we easily share on Facebook that some of our friends may enjoy, but which doesn't belong naturally to DRG. And vice-versa.  

    Facebook is a great communication tool IMO (it is also useful to get firsthand news from musicians, bands, record labels, guitar companies etc. if you "like" their page), but indeed there's also a lot of white noise, that you have to actively keep down to acceptable levels (the unfollow button works well). Llately it hasn't always been easy with the terrorist attacks here, and with the US politics, though.  

    I have a manageable list of fb friends (only 80), half of them are DRG-related (past or current members and wives), some other ones are musicians, there are a few longtime friends. No family members (except my daughter, but she doesn't visit fb anymore), and absolutely NO professional acquaintance. Those are distinct compartments in my life. 

    Rick, you should definitely try to come back to fb, you're missing out on the escapism of Chuck's pics of Arizona landscapes with his dogs, or the even greater escapism of Joost's beard at a Volbeat concert. :lol: 
  • absolutely NO professional acquaintance.
    Forgot about that one, and that's an important point.  Keep those people separate.  I don't have any co-workers as FB friends.  I have just a few EX-co-workers as friends, but not people at a place if I'm currently working there. 
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  • mr_crowleymr_crowley Posts: 6,582
    I hang out a bit on Facebook - mostly because, as mentioned by other, I more or less have tailored it to my interest as a news feed updating me about current events, products and the general life of friends. For that it is very handy I think.
    I do check in here at least once a day though, this is where I turn whenever I want to talk about guitars and rock music and generally I faaar prefer the people and overall vibe here at DRG. I hope to be able to come back here and talk with all you guys for many years to come :)
  • TravisWTravisW Posts: 976
    I'm on FB a fair bit, but I'm more likely to post something with some thought put into it here. Granted, I haven't really a lot of posting time at either place lately, but I spend a fair bit of time reading and catching up on what everybody else is posting. When things calm down a bit again, I'm sure I'll have more to say again. Facebook is neat for some things, but IMHO it's one of the worst imaginable platforms for substantial discussion, and that's where BBs still really shine. 
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,591
    I work in a high security room that takes pass and cyber keys at three doors just to get into. I'm there by myself on rotating shifts 8+ hours at a time. I gave up a social life a long time ago. Truthfully .... I don't know what's considered socially acceptable anymore. In public .... I worry about breaking new taboo's and offending someone. I still address women as ma'am. I still open doors for ladies.

    Dino Rock is as close to a social life as I've got. I don't read body language well. I'm too isolated to learn. It change's over time. I was good in the 60's, 70's and 80's. After that I've bumbled so many times and been called on the carpet for it that I just don't go out anymore. I just feel safe here. Among friends I don't want to lose.
  • SanchoSancho Posts: 18,678
    The dynamics of the internet are changing.
    DRG is still my home on the web, but...

    I posted a two word review of the Volbeat gig I went to on Facebook and it got several reactions.
    I posted a more extensive review on here, and it got barely any views, let alone reactions.

    I still check in here daily and add my comments where I think they'll add to the discussion. You guys are my brothers from other mothers. And when Facebook goes the way of Myspace (which might be soon if they continue forcefeeding ads instead of friends' content) and disappears down the sinkhole of the internet, it will be replaced by a newer, even more lightweight app.
    But this place will hopefully still have its trusted format and denizens. A beacon in the storm.
  • mr_crowleymr_crowley Posts: 6,582
    Sancho said:
    And when Facebook goes the way of Myspace (which might be soon if they continue forcefeeding ads instead of friends' content) and disappears down the sinkhole of the internet, it will be replaced by a newer, even more lightweight app.
    But this place will hopefully still have its trusted format and denizens. A beacon in the storm.

    AFAIC Facebook started to lose steam and die at the turn of the decade around 2010-2011, I thought it would be looong gone by now... It is still around but I think they are dropping in popularity by the minute - they got saved from going to the graveyard by lot of adults signing up when the young people left (are there really anyone under 20 on Facebook these days?) but I think in the next decade we are gonna see a reaction against the kind of (un)social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter etc and more personal ways of communication will be favoured - Snapchat is sort of like that but I think the concept can be taken even further...

    Regardless of that we can all still be hanging around here and discussing whether 1975 or 1985 was the best year for heavy metal ;)
    Love ya! <3
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