Volbeat, Airbourne & Crobot, Brussels, 15 november 2016

Went along with Wendy to see Volbeat. I'm not a fan. We saw them, to the day, five years ago and I was not impressed.
Let me tell you about my night.

Crobot : they got the short end of the stick. They played before the starting hour that was mentioned on the tickets, to a half empty venue. Those who weren't there didn't miss much. A spazz Russell Brand imitator for singer, a crabwalking retard on bass and songs that were mostly groove but zero content. Could have done without em.

Airbourne : I can't for the life of me imagine how this band got to be so popular. Every single note is a straight AC/DC ripoff. Except that one tune that was a Rose Tattoo ripoff.
They run around a lot, sure. Whooptiefuckingdoo... They had their own stage setup which consisted mainly of white strobing lights that were brighter than the sun. Did a study show there's not enough epileptic fits at rock gigs?
Fuck these guys. Fuck these guys hard.

Volbeat : as much as I wasn't looking forward to this, I had reason to believe it would be better than the last time, if only for the addition of Rob Caggiano on lead guitars. The punk douchebag they had last time probably considered Paranoid a challenge.
The stage set was amazing. Large video screens that alternated between illustrations and shots of the musicians, a ramp, moving light bridges... Big time old school rock n roll.
Today, Volbeat consists of four more than capable musicians. The rhythm section is tight as fuck. Caggiano and Poulsen are a good rhythm tandem as well.
Caggiano has added licks and little lead bits to all the older stuff, which makes it a lot more interesting.
Poulsen sounds like the Swedish Chef rogering Kermit, no escaping that.
A lot of their hit songs are either punked up country covers that make me go homicidal or hopped up hoompa. Fortunately for me, these were limited to a minimum and they played plenty of heavy album tracks. In which Poulsen sings with a more normal voice to boot. They have some absolutely killer heavy riffs in a lot of their material.
Wendy tells me they played a lot of songs from the new album. I believe her, as she was singing along to basically everything. As were the oodles of other babes in the audience.
Caggiano is a great guitar player. Anthrax are losing out.
By the end of the gig, I actually applauded them.
No, my opinion of their albums hasn't changed, but this gig sure rocked.
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