Saw Viv this past Friday night....

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& Happy to report he is cured of his ALD, at least for now!! Yes, Last In Line kicked off their US leg of their tour in Seattle & man did they deliver.I got there around 6:30-7ish & was walking around the corner to the front door of the venue to see if I could get a ticket there & then or whatever, when I could suddenly hear something blasting through the concrete....wait a sec, that sounds it a Dio tune.....?? WtF??! So I walk right in, no one at the door, no one says nothing & there's a moderate crowd already in there, eyes transfixed on the stage......they were doing a soundcheck & were cranking Stand Up & Shout & it was fucking badass!! Viv was already in the zone; ably backed by our Dino brother Vinny on the cool to just walk in & see that! 

After that they did Starmaker I believe off the new LIL album  (Heavy Crown, a damn good album!!) then they promptly booted all of, I walked around the corner & found a brewpub & got some grub & a couple of cold ones.....

There were 2 other opening acts (local metal  bands, Mechanism was kinda cool) then they came out kinda late....

It was all old Dio stuff w/the odd LIL tune thrown in..... I was in hog heaven.....

Viv looked great & his tone was straight outta '83-'84-'85.....the way it should be  ;) 

He played his old black Holy Diver era Les Paul straight into an Engl Blackmore head on top of a Marshall 4x12 bottom cab.....just fuckin' badass is that..... he had one of those clip-on tuner thingies on the headstock, that was it....

Seeing Vinny up that close was a real treat too, but the whole band was great, Andrew Freeman has an impressive set of pipes too. No disappointments at all.....

Stand Up and Shout
Straight Through the Heart
Devil In Me*
Don't Talk to Strangers
Evil Eyes
Holy Diver
Egypt (The Chains are On)
I Speed At Night
The Last In Line
Rainbow In the Dark

I Am Revolution*
We Rock                       *Heavy Crown tunes

I am so fucking glad I caught this, I was hung over & delirious the whole next day.....

I haven't seen Vivian Campbell since the New Years Eve '85 going into '86 show at the Seattle Center Coliseum with Malmsteen & TKO opening.... so I've waited 30 years to see this, & it was worth the wait....

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    What is the name of the group/band he is touring with ?
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    Sorry, I should've titled it "saw Vivian Campbell's new band Last In Line the other night...." Or something .....I just assumed everyone knew what I was talking about. It was the original Dio band (minus Ronnie) that recorded the album with a new singer, Andrew Freeman.Then tragedy struck & Jimmy Bain passed away on some "Metal Cruise" they were performing on, right after the LP dropped.... Thankfully they've soldiered on. The new album by Last In Line is called Heavy Crown & it's a solid debut! 
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    I'll see them opening for Saxon in december. 
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    I'll see them opening for Saxon in december. 
    We get Girlschool...
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    Sancho said:
    I'll see them opening for Saxon in december. 
    We get Girlschool...
    I stand corrected: early announcements mentioned Last in Line AND Girlschool as opening acts, now it seems that it's only Girlschool, indeed.   Where are you going to see them?  Antwerpen?
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    Yep, Antwerp.
    Girlschool may be a drawing point for some, but I never thought much of them. I would much rather have had Phil Campbell's band, who apparently are opening for several dates as well.
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    The first two Girlschool albums were very cool slabs of raw hard rock.Then it quickly went downhill. I don't really know how they sound nowadays.  As for Phil Campbell's band, I saw the live stream of their Wacken show, I can't say I was impressed...   Too bad there will be no Viv, I'd have been curious to see him. 
  • I can't help but imagine how welcome this would have been 10 + years ago when I was seeing RJD front a lame band featuring Craig Goldie, Rudy Zoolander Sarzo, and Simon Wrong. 
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    Some vids here.
    The replacement for Jimmy isn't bad at all (Phill Soussan).

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    Damn, I didn't believe that Viv could even play like that anymore.
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    If that swung by here I would really enjoy go see that :D 
  • I´l be damned. Viv actually sounds like Viv now. Guess you can recover from ALD?
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