10 year anniversary!

Yep, that's right! I've been here for a little more than ten years, joined up in September 2006. Only 14 at the time I was already heavily into rock and metal. Mostly gaining knowledge from my dad's record collection.
I had played guitar, or mostly just noodled poorly, for a little more than a year and owned an electric for about six months. Me and some friends had just started form our first "bands".

Found a link to Michael Schenker's Alchemy profile through the guestbook on the official UFO-site. The message read something like: "Why he is so great" and then just the link. I clicked and was amazed by all the profiles and such. To much joy I also saw that there was a forum, fed up with that times social media sites that was all the rage by Swedish teens in that time I decided to join up and off it went.

Was probably a kid that just wouldn't shut up the first few years around here but I am forever thankful for letting me pick your minds about everything guitar related and whatnot. I hope the perspective I've gained through the years and my experience with different things can be of joy or helpful to people around here these days!
The links on the old-old site, to places like Cyberpick (is that still out there?) really made me transition from someone who knew how to hold a guitar to actually playing the damn thing!
Pretty much all my friends from this time played an instrument, these days me and one other guy from my old crew are still at it... WIthout DRG I bet I would not be playing either and my life would probably have turned a whole lot different. All these adventures I've got to experience and all the joy it brought me - I am forever thankful!

Ran a bit long here... All I really wanted to say was THANK YOU GUYS SO VERY MUCH!! I consider you all my friends and love chatting with you and thoroughly hope we can meet up one day!

Keep on rocking! Cheers!

Yours truly, Pontus


  • Happy "BD" to you. It's fun knowing people around the world to share your likes with!
  • Pontus has come a long way from that 14 year-old kid who couldn't be talked out of buying a Line 6 Spyder. ;-P

    A primary reason I started this site was to help pass the torch to a younger generation of players at a time when the Dino style of guitar playing was near death.  Pontus is one of DRG's greatest success stories (along with Srikanth) -- two guys who basically grew up on the DRG forum right in front of our eyes (or on our screens).  And if this site and the members helped you guys develop as players and people, we did our jobs. I'm very pleased about that, and very proud of guys like Pontus and Srkanth, and happy for the successes they've had. 

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    Here, here, and three chears! Congrats!
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    Ever since you came onto the forum, you've posted with a level of humour, enthusiasm and above all, JOY, about music and life. 
    It's been a pleasure witnessing you growing up and turning into a real musician - something most of us only dream about.
    Rock on!

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    Keep the faith brother, heres to the next ten, see you on the road sometime, ROCK ON
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    Congrats Pontus. Hard to believe its been that long. I think i joined in 2003. Time flies....
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             Debi and I have done all we can to support Pontus and Srikanth. They're like the talented children we never had, (although my grandson Rick IV is becoming quite the songwriter). I remember pushing Ibanez RG's for Pontus to consider and Srikanth's great Marshall search. Now we own cool CD's by both of their bands.
            Congratulations Pontus on your 10th anniversary as a member of Dino Rock. You're truly someone who came to us, (already possessing that magical internal talent required for success), and allowed us the opportunity to help you toward your goal. You're one to be proud of. It's very good to know you.

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    Congrats Pontus!  Your enthusiasm and positive attitude has always been a joy, when old farts like me can certainly sound jaded sometimes...  How you finally became a musician doing what a lot of us only dream of, is truly something to behold.  I hope you'll remain one of the forum's pillars for many years to come. 

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    Yeah, what they said.
    Glad you' re here.
    Rock On !

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    It's really heart warming to read all these replies! Thanks guys!!

    I can't thank you enough for helping me devoloping and finally actually being able to achieve my dreams of making an album and doing a tour - I can sense that there is more to come :)

    I am looking forward to keep hanging out here and discuss the greatest music there is and more.
    Thanks for having me :)
  • I had been lurking here for a LONG time before I officially joined last year. I remember your first posts, and I am very glad to see how have you grown as a person and as a musician. ROCK ON and congrats!!
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    That's awesome!!  I think I have been here 12 years myself, but the brain gets a bit fuzzy about details anymore. 
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    I think most of the regulars here was on board by the time I joined. There has been a lot of people that have come and gone here over the years though.
    I am happy you all hang out here and make this place what it is! Thanks!
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    Ten years? Damn we're an old community. 
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    I can't believe its been that long .
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