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Charvels are one of the eternal subjects here, and I suspect this might be of interest to quite a few of you:

During this week’s 2016 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tenn., Charvel is unveiling its new flagship USA Select series with the
San Dimas® Style 1 HSS FR, San Dimas Style 1 HSS HT, So-Cal Style 1 HSS FR and San Dimas Style 2 HH FR models.

Each gorgeous guitar taps straight into original-era Charvel DNA for a sleek, ferocious model with “old-school throwback” specs our high-performance players have been clamoring for, including ’80s-style body perimeters, finely shaped neck profiles, fast compound radius fingerboards with rolled edges, non-recessed Floyd Rose® bridges, and more.

Available in August, the new USA Select models will be offered in Pitch Black, Satin Plum, Snow Blind Satin and Torred.

Stay tuned to for more product details.

So, if I were to give a very subjective assessment from what we can see so far:

The good:

* Holy mashed potatoes Batman, the first guitar looks like the Kramer Pacer I drooled over from the 1987 Kramer catalogue having returned from the grave!

With modern Kramer mostly being a non-entity (it amazes me how little Gibson manages to make of it) this is very much a blast from the past, where a lot is being done right.

* Non-recessed, Original Floyd. Contended issue, I know, but I prefer them.

* Rosewood necks. Maple might be the more common choice, but it is nice to have the option. Still, we don't know how many different variants these will be made in, so there might be maple boards too.

The bad:

* I'm a bit disappointed that the spoke wheel thruss rod, which I haven't used but which seems like a good idea and has become standard on their newer models, isn't included.

* "finely shaped neck profiles"? That could mean anything, but given the throwback, shredder style language used elsewhere in the ad I suspect it means that the neck will be too thin for my liking.

The head-scratcher:

* Why is the volume knob at such an unapproachable place? I actually thought I was seeing the tone knobs until I looked closely at the fourth guitar. It is almost as though they are inviting us to drill our own, if the routing will allow it. Is accidentally rolling off the volume such a problem that the volume knobs by general agreement now have to be hidden away?

In conclusion I am intrigued, but not entirely convinced. If these are going to be US instruments it will probably add a bit to the price tag, but I might in fact consider the pickguard model if the neck feels right. I don't get the placing of the volume knob at all, but on the pickguard model it can be fixed without too many problems.
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    They'll be too expensive in Europe. I want to get excited about these, but for some reason they leave me totally indifferent.
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    Meh. The Pro Mods are better suited to my taste. I want the two humbuckers with the floyd and the strat shape.

    Also, I already have a Charvel from the 80's that looks a lot like those. Don't see the point of another one just for the sake of it.
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    It's all about price. Not too concerned about control layout, I'd get the So Cal anyway, and put a new pickguard on, HH with Duncan's and a 3 way toggle.

    I'm guessing $2000 minimum, might be able to get them for less depending on dealer... I'm not holding my breath though, probably see them on the Music Zoo site for $2940.
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    Hmmm, I could be convinced to try the Tele bodied one. And then have Curt do the Retro-mod on it!
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    Ooh -  that purple hardtail is getting pretty close to my ideal guitar!
    Never be able to afford one, though....

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    Think about it, there's really no good reason why these should cost more than an American Standard Strat.
    Wanna bet there's a serious upcharge because Charvel?
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    Price isn't too bad, MSRP is $2,620, US street price would then be roughly $1,600 -$1,700, depending on the store... My Jake E Lee was only $1800 new, discounted from $2,400, with an MSRP of $3,200. But I seriously doubt they are any better playing than the USA Production Models, or the Japanese Pro Mods. I'd rather have a USA Production flat black wild card

    Of course, Belgium price would be 4000€
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    Not a big fan of rosewood nor tele shape for a Charvel. Now if they would make that purple one with a maple neck and a floyd...
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