Sons of Anarchy

my wife and i just finished watching the whole series.  damn.  pretty great stuff.  i'm not a TV person, but Kurt Sutter did a good job with this.


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    I've seen at least four of the first seasons, maybe five, don't remember exactly... Pretty cool stuff, yeah. Just yesterday I happened to watch a movie called Hell Ride (2008), also a biker gang movie, a really bad one, but with a couple of cool bikes and some naked chicks. Anyway, what I am concered with is this, that to some people this whole biker thing is a serious thing. Like, some kids wear a "Sons of anarchy" vest and get hassled, at best. The same with the Black Label Society vests. There are people out there to whom this whole biker image is like a religion, and these movies/bands can set up a really bad situation for people who are not knowledged enough etc. Now, this is just a couple of my random thoughts, which are only indirectly linked to this thread, but I really don't want innocent people get hurt. But for entertainment, yeah, Sons of Anarchy is definitely worth giving a watch!
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    Duojett71 and i used to work a job with a 1% MC.  for the most part they were real cool.  the club president could have been in the movies, he was a central casting cross between Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, and Sam Elliot.  lol  there were a couple of nutcases, too.  it was a fun time.  i don't think they were anything like the Sons of Anarchy.  the troublemakers were too busy going to jail for silly shit to be REALLY dangerous.  they all had a great sense of humor.  one of the day laborers fell from the ceiling doing an HVAC rough in and landed on a toilet.  cut his leg real bad to where he was bleeding out.  the president, cool as you please, got on the jobsite radio and said, "we've got a mexican down..  and the only one that speaks any goddamn english, too.  time to head to Home Depot!"
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    Hah, that's funny! :D Thanks for sharing the story!
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