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Black RoseBlack Rose Posts: 208
I am a strict guitar player and wannabe singer, but I absolutely love and respect great drummers. So lets have this thread talk about awesome drum performances from any genre you can think of.

Here is Megadeth in 1990 playing Five Magics from the Rust in Peace album without Dave Mustaine. There is plenty of great drummer moments on this video. I always used to prefer Gar Samuelson and he is undeniably great, so is Nick Menza and this one video proves that. Look how tight this band is!

Lets have some more


  • DonthegreekDonthegreek Posts: 2,817
    There's so many drummers to pick from. We could do threads on bass players, keyboard players etc....

    So i'll take the easy way out....everybodys favorite drummer...Cozy Powell.

  • DonthegreekDonthegreek Posts: 2,817's 1 more....Jon Hiseman 1978 

    Everyone will watch this though because gary moore is on guitar (always was hoping gary would return to this jazzrock fusion before he passed)..... 
  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,980
    Oh, there's so many great.

    Paicey around 74 was untouchable. 
      (at the 3.00 minute mark, you can enjoy Blackers wonderful bluesisms improv until then)

    Neil Peart, of Course.
    Cozy Powell
    Dave Lombardo
    Terry Bozzio
    Sean Reinert 
    Nick Barker   
    Frost (Satyricon)
    George Kollias (Nile)
    Martin "Marthus" Škaroupka (Cradle Of Filth)
    Vinnie Colaiuta 

    Just some of my faves, I have undoubtedly forgotten some.

  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,943
    I certainly don't know enough about drumming to appreciate fully the technical brilliance of certain drummers (well, at least I can tell Lombardo apart from Simon Wright). I do appreciate those who have a distinctive style and sound, or who are a real driving force for the band, even if they are not necessarily super-technical. Some of my faves:

    Cozy Powell
    Ian Paice
    Bill Ward
    Simon Phillips
    Phil Taylor
    Clive Burr
    Nigel Glockler
    Dave Lombardo
    Fredrik Andersson (Amon Amarth)
    Steve Shalaty (Immolation)

    And I know it's dumb and all, but I really liked how Dave Holland sounded on British Steel/Point of Entry/Screaming for Vengeance. I maintain he was the perfect drummer for JP at that point in time.
  • Dr NickDr Nick Posts: 3,705
    Oh wow, I've acquired a huge amount of respect for drummers in the last few years.
    Some of my favourites:
    Marco Minnemann -
    Gavin Harrison -
    Simon Phillips -
    Thomas Lang -
    Omar Hakim -
    Mike Mangini -
    Nicko McBrain -
  • DonthegreekDonthegreek Posts: 2,817
    A drummer no one ever talks about who is/was amazing in the 70's before he turned to lead vocalist then went unfortunately to top 40 is
    Phil Collins...then Chester Thompson replaced him in Genesis. Here they both are with Genesis.

    Then there's another all time great from the 70's also....Carl Palmer from ELP.  It don't get any better than this.

  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,696
    Not much into drummers but those I like I really like.

    Bill Ward
    Cozy Powell
    Danny Seraphine
    Chad Smith
    Ginger Baker
    Elvin Jones
    Tony Williams
    Billy Cobham
    Alphonse Mouzon
    Ian Paice
    Scott Travis
    Marco Minneman
    Van Romaine
    Rod Morgenstein
    Sheila E
  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,943
    [quote author=Donthegreek link=topic=17759.msg267015#msg267015 date=1445562423]
    A drummer no one ever talks about who is/was amazing in the 70's before he turned to lead vocalist then went unfortunately to top 40 is
    Phil Collins...


    You're absolutely right. He was amazing.
  • otcconanotcconan Posts: 5,690
    Jazz metal.

    This is seriously the sickest thing I've seen since Gar Samuelsson.
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,607
    My favorite drummers in no particular order:

    Bill Ward
    Clive Burr
    Stewart Copeland
    Ringo Starr
    Brian Downey
    Alex Van Halen
    Neil Peart
    Matt Cameron
    Albert Bouchard
  • Zigaboo Modeliste
    Gene Krupa
    Steve Gadd
    Fran Christina
    Levon Helm
    Chris Layton
    Nicko McBrain
    Alex Van Halen
    Carter Beauford
    Willie "Big Eyes" Smith
    Stewart Copeland
    Joey Kramer
    Benny Benjamin
    Bill Ward
    John Bonham
    Shannon Powell
    Johnny Vidacovich
    Eric Bolivar
    Chad Gilmore
    Ed Shaughnessy
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