The UnFab Four

This is an article that I'm hoping wasn't already discussed here. I tried to look around and see if there was already a thread.
Anyway, the article is about James McCartney, Dhani Harrison, Zak Starkey and Sean Lennon forming a heavily Beatles sounding band.

You guys know I'm one of those Beatles worshiping GEEKS but am so......"...ohhhhh....noooooo......................." about this. Please, please don't do it. I think Zak is a good drummer and I love Dhani. I know absolutely nothing about James McCartney, and have never really been a fan of Sean's work. But even if I loved them all individually, this is something that I really don't want to see.

I can't imagine being any of them and won't pretend to believe that I understand what that must be like in the least little bit, but from a very tender-hearted and loving fan of The Beatles with an outside perspective, I want to say..."STOP. Please do not proceed..."

I don't even think it's going to be a pleasant experience for the four of them. Maybe I'm wrong and it's something they need to do in some therapeutic light, but I just think the outcome is going to put a dark cloud on any closure or inner personal travels they may be reaping from the process.


  • Certainly none of them need money. Ever.  Zak drums with The Who.

    I don't know, Jen. I'm a little morbidly curious to see what they might come up with.  They themselves might be curious as well.  Probably won't amount to anything anyway.
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    If they're really going to work at it I'll support them just out of respect for their parents. Success or failure wouldn't matter. Giving it everything they've got would. On the other hand, if they're just four filthy rich kids looking for something to do with all the free time their wealth has blessed them with, piss on 'em.
  • So a friend of mine tells me this is a hoax and there's not even a grain of truth to the article.

    You are correct Dave; if it had been legit, it's certainly not the end of the world or anything. It just disturbs me. And you know... it's all about ME so....  :smile:
  • This whole story had me wondering..."what sum of money could they possibly offer?"

    Anybody remember when  Lorne Michaels offered the Beatles $3000 to do a reunion on SNL?

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    I remember that sketch. I also remember when George Harrison appeared on the show and they did a quick scene with him trying to claim it!

    Apparently, McCartney was visiting Lennon in New York that night. They were watching SNL, and they saw the Lorne Michaels bit on TV. They contemplated actually going to the studio and surprising everybody.
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  • All time favorite SNL sketch about The Beatles is Clarence Walker.  :tongue:
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    [quote author=guitarrednfeathered link=topic=17654.msg265749#msg265749 date=1441906072]
    All time favorite SNL sketch about The Beatles is Clarence Walker.  :tongue:

    That was funny....

    Zak Starky is a great drummer. He's been with The Who for many years.....but some might remember him in Adrian Smith's band ASAP. He's played with a lot of bands and artists though, such as Oasis and Johnny Marr.
  • Agreed. Zak is great. I am not a Who person but I saw him once in Atlantic City with Ringo's All Star Band. He impressed the shit out of me.
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