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So sad. Saw this documentary last night on CNN. As you know Glen is a legendary guitar player, tv host, singer, song writer. Played with the beach boys. Big hit Rhinestone Cowboy. Anyway he has Alzheimer's and they documented his final tour with the disease. And even with the disease he RIPPED on the guitar. His musical part of the brain was so well developed it worked the longest. He had to use a TelePrompTer for the words, but not the music. By the end of the tour 151 shows, he really struggled to make it through.

Final song he recorded.

I think this is the documentary.


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    I loved Glen's work in my youth, bought sheet music to learn his songs and watched his television show every week. That said ....... what are you going to do. I lost my father-in-law to the same ailment last year. It creeps in so slowly you don't realize what's happening. "Aw well. I'm getting old. I forget things sometimes". The special focused on memory loss, etc, but really didn't go into the rough parts. When someone realizes they can't remember something that they definitely should remember and begins to understand what lies ahead they react with both sadness and anger. Some days they're sad to the point of tears and other days they lash out at anyone and everyone. Once they've forgotten who meant what to them the boundary between the two reactions are lost and wife, mother, daughter or son can be on the receiving end of the type of anger someone would reserve only for their worst enemies. I watched a once loving father and husband spit on his wife, hit his daughters and cold clock an orderly called in to restrain him. He ripped his own catheter out and ran naked and screaming down a hospital hallway hitting anyone who got in his way. The same man 20 years back was an executive at a huge airline manufacturer, was deeply religious and loved his family dearly.

    So ....again  .... What are you going to do?
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    Find a way to prevent this horrible disease. Still was awesome to see him play when the rest of his brain was shutting down.
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    Don't mind admitting I shed a tear during that clip.

    An amazing thing to do and can there have ever been braver words ?
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    If you don't get emotion during that nothing will get you emotional.
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    All prayers for the Wichita Lineman.
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