Dino Friends...Finally good news from Conan

otcconanotcconan Posts: 5,677
Ok, my dino friends, Conan is doing much better than a year and a half ago...that dark time has passed, and thank god for that.  The girlfriend has returned, and all is good..


So now I'm back on my feet, got a new job, full benefits, 401(K), and enough money to move into an apartment in this small town with the above sweetie.    Life is good.  ....um....yes,....I did size her finger today.  Yes....she knew what I was doing.  And I'm pretty sure there's another yes in there at some point.  Conan is good.
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  • Black RoseBlack Rose Posts: 208
    Not that we have spoken directly before, but I hope everything stays up and positive for you. It's good to hear that you have come out of a bad time feeling good and optimistic about the future  :up:
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,650
    You know Debi and I are always hoping for the best for you John. May your life just get sweeter each day.
  • otcconanotcconan Posts: 5,677
    [quote author=inmyhands link=topic=17374.msg262175#msg262175 date=1431752094]
    You know Debi and I are always hoping for the best for you John. May your life just get sweeter each day.
    [/quote]You and Debi will probably have to, very soon, address me here as "John and Brooke."  It's looking more and more like I'm hooked; she asked me when I was gonna get her a diamond today.
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,650
    If Brooke can keep the demons at bay then the sooner the better. Stability is the foundation everything else is built on.

    Debi's been the super charger of my self control for all but four of the years you've been walking this planet. When I start wandering off the path Debi uses her special abilities to call forth a deep forest beasty to bite me on the ass until I'm back on course.

    Self control ain't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes a special person entering your life can create a self awareness more powerful than the one you originally came with from the person factory. You become modified or customized into someone much better.
  • PsychonautPsychonaut Posts: 537
    Glad to hear you're doing well John.  Congratulations.
  • cvansicklecvansickle Posts: 6,211
    Rockin' good news, John!  :clap1:
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  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 17,760
    Glad to hear it. Life's too short to be miserable. Do whatever you must to be happy.
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  • maybeyesmaybeyes Posts: 4,522
    Congrats Conan.  Glad to here things are looking up again.

    Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.

  • yngwie666yngwie666 Posts: 6,557
    All the best !
  • Dr NickDr Nick Posts: 3,605
    Nice to have some good news mate - we're cheering you on here!
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,456
    Congratulations John! Glad you are doing well, and it's great to have you around DRG again.  :metal: :up:
  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,928
    Always good to hear great news.
    May sun and good fortune keep shining on you and yours !

    Rock On !
  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,323
    Congrats dude. I got engaged earlier this year and I can't wait to get the formalities done with.
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  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,777
    Congrats, and best wishes!
  • mr_crowleymr_crowley Posts: 6,614
    Congrats man!

    Keep rocking :up:
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